Friday, November 12, 2010

Kaine Horman's steroid abuse

Many of the Kaine Gang has speculated about Terri Horman using steroids and stated she may have killed Kyron in a 'roid rage.   It is more likely Kaine Horman in his malignant narcissist low self esteem has been abusing steroids because he thought the steroids would help him feel better about himself.  Most abusers of anabolic steroids are young male athletes1 It could be Kaine Horman thought he could keep himself looking and feeling younger by using them.

Two of the symptoms of anabolic steroid abuse is hair loss and weight loss 2 so it is very likely Kaine Horman's hair loss and loss of his eyebrows as well as his weight loss is related to his steroid abuse.  Steroid abuse is common by those with narcissistic personality disorder because of their underlying low self esteem.

An article I read on a study that states anabolic steroid abusers showed more pathological narcissism traits and ranked low on empathy.  The study showed a relationship between anabolic steroid use and narcissistic personality traits but did not conclude whether the narcissism caused the steroid use or the steroid use caused the narcissistic traits3

Kaine Horman is a malignant narcissist and a control freak as I pointed out many times.  The way he dictated what media could or could not sit in on his "press briefings" based on whether or not they showed him in a favorable light in all of their coverage of Kyron (IE: are "team players") proves this (see: Kyron Horman’s Family Boots WW and The Oregonian from Bizarre News Event  )  Obviously the Oregonian kissed his ass (IE: promised to be a "team player") to get back into good standing and be granted permission to attend a media briefing by Kaine.  In his case, it appears Kaine's steroid abuse is due to his malignant narcissism and not the other way around.

So was Kaine's ranting court papers filed on october 25th purely narcissistic rage or was it driven by steroid abuse ('roid rage) ?  A subpoena and interviews with the members of his gym should be able to prove his long term steroid abuse as well as his selling of steroids to other users although his fellow masonic brethren in law enforcement won't even investigate.

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Narcissism and empathy in steroid users

JH Porcerelli and BA Sandler
Department of Psychiatry, Detroit Psychiatric Institute, MI 48202, USA.

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