Sunday, November 21, 2010

Virtual strip searches today / Full body cavity searches tomorrow

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.
Benjamin Franklin

Once again the government has gone too far in the name of "safety".

Just because a package of explosives was put on a purely cargo plane in a muslim country where terrorism is rampant, we now have to undergo intrusive searches and/or exposure to radiation in virtual strip searches while boarding passenger commercial airplanes in the united states.

Not only is the full body scan intrusive, the pictures, contrary to TSA / homeland security propaganda, can be stored if the right settings are set on the machine. While they claim the amount of radiation is minimal, it does add up especially for frequent flyers and the people working around the machines on a daily basis. They do not know the health hazards and it may be far worse than they realize or telling us especially to those who have cancer or genetic markers for a risk of cancer or that have implanted medical / identification devices.

The other option is to submit to a molestation by a minimum wage TSA worker. This should make those who submit to the virtual strip searches feel safer when the would be terrorist elects to have the pat down search and hides their explosives in their body cavities. Next you will have homeland security / TSA demanding full body cavity probes and inspection of women's tampons all "in the name of safety" of course.

All our rights and freedoms are being eroded in the name of "safety". Next in order to keep track of everyone, the soon to be world leader will demand everyone be marked or micro chipped in their right hand or forehead or they won't be able to buy or sell --- and people will love it and agree with it so they feel "safer". Of course when the government sells this as a way to keep track of children, the elderly, and terrorists - most people will wait in line for days to become the first one marked.

So unbelievable what people will do to feel safe and secure - even give up their rights and freedoms that millions of american soldiers have died defending.

I never thought I would see this day the bible clearly spelled out would happen.



  1. Shortly after 9/11, I saw an interview Diane Sawyer did with a family who volunteered to be the first to get microchipped. The 9/11 experience was the impetus for their decision to be implanted. They wanted to feel "safe."

    I found it rather ubelievable. I'd be interested to know if after living "chipped" for 8 years they believe they are safer, or whether they regret it in any way.

    Interestingly, their extremely bright son became a microsoft certified engineer while he was pre-teen. Very bright young man.

    The devices are being marketed to families with alzheimer's patients, to lessen the worry many of those families have about their loved one getting lost. They're selling them as some kind of "safety" measure.

    Robin Williams (not my favorite actor) was in a very good, straight to the point film (IMO)called The Final Cut.

    It's amazing how we readily give up so much in order to feel safe. It doesn't stop there, and that's the danger of it all. Here's a couple links about the Jacobs family volunteering to oficially become property of the state:

  2. The bible says those who accept the mark / chip it will eventually cause cancer / sores (maybe because of the radiation from the virtual strip searches?)

    Some pets get cancerous sores around their microchip.

    There is talk of allowing muslim women to pass through without the body check because it violates their beliefs. If that happens, all a terrorist needs to do is to disguise them self as a muslim woman. How would that make everyone "safe" ? yet people will go right along with it.


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