Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Did Kaine Horman install a keylogger or remote desktop application on Terri Horman's computer(s) ?

With the emails allegedly sent by Terri Horman claiming she "wanted to hurt Kyron" being shown to Desiree Horman-Young by law enforcement, one has to wonder if Kaine Horman had installed a keylogger on Terri's computer(s) ?   Kaine Horman is a control freak and kept Terri under his thumb so, naturally, he would want to keep track of her online activities and who she communicated with.

A keylogger is a program that keeps track of what is typed on the computer it is installed on. The program can either email or store the typing to be read later. While it does have legitimate uses (keeping track of what your children are doing online), it can also be used to keep track of what your spouse is doing. A remote desktop application also has legitimate uses - helping a user fix their computer or logging in to your work computer from home so you can access files - but it can also be used to send emails from a location you are not at to create an alibi or to set someone up.

Since Kaine Horman is a paranoid malignant narcissist control freak (they almost always go together - it is not unique to Kaine Horman) he likely had spyware / keyloggers installed on Terri's computer(s). If this is the case and he saw where she complained about him to her friends, it would not be beyond the malignant narcissist to set Terri up and send emails using her email accounts (keyloggers would log the passwords) and state that she (actually Kaine using Terri's email account) wanted to harm Kyron Horman.  Kaine would do this so that he could disappear Kyron so Desiree never get custody of him like she wanted (see:  http://alternate-theories.blogspot.com/2010/11/desiree-horman-young-maipulated-and.html ) and he could also keep Kiara as well.

Of course, this is contingent on the emails existing in the first place. It is extremely hard to believe law enforcement is all of a sudden showing alleged evidence to Desiree and/or Kaine that they have had for six months unless they are extremely incompetent and want to taint the investigation even more than they apparently already have. I can believe one in large group of law enforcement investigating the case would leak information to Detective Tony Young (Desiree Horman-Young's third husband)  But a second group of investigators also leaking the information?  It's either someone who was a member of both teams, incompetent law enforcement, or a made up fairy tale by Kaine and/or Desiree.     Obviously if Desiree is speaking about the alleged emails, then they are not significant to the investigation and ALL OF THEM should be released to the media. If the media can release the information in an alleged email by Terri Horman that they received today1, then they should be able to obtain all of the alleged emails. I hope Terri's attorneys subpoena the ISP for the mail server logs (if the emails exist)

I want to know where Kaine Horman was when the alleged emails were sent (if there are emails stating Terri wanted to harm Kyron) and if a keylogger, crossloop, logmein,  or another similar program was installed on Terri's computer(s)  If I were Terri's defense attorney, I would have had one of my own forensic experts examine an image of the drive(s) that law enforcement took of Terri's computer(s) I would also subpoena all the records of server logs that Terri's computer(s) accessed or was accessed from.

Kaine Horman is a master liar and manipulator (see: http://alternate-theories.blogspot.com/2010/11/kaine-horman-master-liar-and.html ) and he planned Kyron's disappearance for a long time before he carried out the plan.

Kaine never denied taking Kyron or molesting him and, according to him, if he won't speak in his defense, it means he is guilty.

1.  http://www.katu.com/news/108352154.html
In the April 6 e-mail obtained by KATU News, Terri writes the following about Kaine: “I have to ask him before I go out to meet anyone. I have no money because I stayed home with Kyron at birth since his natural mom wouldn't - spent all of my 30k to do so
[Kaine] Makes me pay $1000 a month to him for bills although it's my child support and unemployment. I do all the yard work, house work, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters.”

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