Sunday, November 28, 2010


If you have Verizon email and use web mail, you need to stop clicking on the links in the mail messages - even if they are from legitimate sources such as Google Alerts.  Verizon Web Mail has a major security issue in which someone may be able to access your email account if you click on the link.

This is an issue I just discovered and has been reported to Verizon.

This means ANY link you click can be a security issue for you - it CAN compromise your email account.  You need to copy / paste the link in a new browser window and do NOT open ANY link from Verizon Web Mail.  Verizon seems to be the only web mail service that has this issue that I have tested.

I will not post the details of this problem  - it may or may not make the news before it is fixed.  Likely Verizon will request this post be removed.

Oh - I have no link to back up what I'm saying - so believe it or not at your own risk.


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