Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stacey: Yet another one of Kaine Horman's brainless Sock Puppets

If Kyron were not missing and was safely stashed somewhere, The rantings, stupidity,  and rage of Kaine Horman's mentally unstable sock puppets would be downright funny.  Stacey is telling ME - the owner of this blog - to "go spit your hate somewhere else" (FYI - this *IS* "somewhere else") in defense of another sock puppet who came here - to MY blog - to harass and bully me???  Why is Stacey telling me to "go somewhere else" - does she think this is Tom's blog or it belongs to Kaine or that I do not have the right to post a response on MY blog  to bullying by one of the Kaine's sock puppets ???  Can't the Kaine Gang even think ???  Maybe Stacey just wants to see her name in print??? 

Tom LeMaster said...
     ...  Too many of Kaine haters do so only for the fun of seeing their name in print ....  
    I knew you would dare post a comment that had a shred of truth in it. So, go play with yourself you narcissistic amoral psychopathic lying sack of camel dung. [Does this sound like a nice caring person to you???]
stacey said...
wow, you are a complete idiot, right, i mean really. tom happens to be one of the nicest human beings i know. and one of the most caring. you on the other hand are a mean spirited hate monger who has way too much time on your hands. i stand for tom and say to you, go spit your hate somewhere else and leave tom out of it.[note: this is posted on MY blog! - so this *IS* "somewhere else"--- Just INCREDIBLE] no one care what you say, and anyone dumbenough to send you money deserves your factless rants
(BTW: truth and discussing THEORIES is not hate)

My response to her:
Blog Owner said...
This is MY blog. Tommy came here to harass, bully and piss on me - I did not go out and search for him - in fact, I never heard of him before he posted his crap on MY blog. Are you that much of a brainless idiot to tell ME to go "spit my hate somewhere else" when this is MY blog and not Tommy's ???    FYI - this ***IS*** "somewhere else" - so why did you come here???
 All of Kaine Horman's scock puppets harass and bully me for being unemployed and without money.  They lack empathy - a sign of narcissism.  They tend to focus on money and greed - just like Kaine Horman with his fraudulent fundraisers (which they have no problem donating to even though none of it goes to search for Kyron or increase the reward fund)  It shows their immaturity, lack of empathy, and proves they are co-narcissists (co-dependents / sock puppets) of Kaine Horman.

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