Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poll Closed: Who do you think took Kyron Horman?

Who do you think took Kyron Horman?

Kaine Horman alone
  5 (3%)

Terri Horman alone
  16 (10%)

Kaine and Terri together
  1 (0%)
Kaine Horman with help other than Terri
  44 (28%)

Terri Horman with help other than Kaine
  47 (30%)

Known by family independent of either Kaine or Terri
  12 (7%)

  17 (10%)

Still on the fence - don't know
  14 (8%)

Kyron who ?
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 156
Poll closed


  1. Well...they're running a close race. Some of us may require more choices on the next poll!

  2. It seems that the Kaine Gang rigged the vote to make it appear that fewer people think Kaine's guilty than the actual numbers. They are on a Masonic mission to keep their boy out of trouble at all costs.

    We miss your posts on this topic although we do understand that you need to spend the most time on the blogs that help pay the bills. I'll send you my newest discovery and documentation as soon as I get it typed.

    Peter Pickle

  3. Dr Pickle,

    I certainly think the Masons are involved although, like you, I'm not quite sure if it is in a primary or secondary capacity. The papers you sent the other day were quite interesting and I look forward to reading more of what you found out.

    A-T is still number one in page views but number four in income so I've been spending more time on the other blogs. I need to re-evaluate soon.


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