Sunday, November 28, 2010

42ndState Rent Raising Fundraiser - Free web page background images

This is the last post of free graphics during december's rent raising fund raiser event (see: ANNOUNCING: 42ndState Rent Raising Fundraiser   and  Kaine Horman's spokesperson - FREE Graphic as part of the 42ndState fundraiser  and Free 42ndState Rent Raising Fund Raiser Red Eyed Tree Frog Graphic  )

Depending on the amount of donations received, I will periodically be offering more free graphics.  Special orders welcome.

Today's free graphics are background images for web pages (or desktops)

To download them, right click and 'save as' to a folder or location of your choice.  To test them out, copy the following code and paste into notepad (or another text editor) and save it as a .htm file in the location where the graphics are located.  Change the text in red to the name of the graphic you want to test and save the file.  Clicking on the .htm file should launch your web browser with the test page and the background image.  To edit the file to test another graphic, right click on the file and select 'edit'

<title>TEST PAGE</title>
<body background =image.gif>

<center>Test text goes here</center>

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