Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right on cue

As I stated after the law enforcement briefing yesterday how since law enforcement did not defame Terri there would be another release of (mis)information that would point to her guilt within 24 hours.

Right on cue now we are being told Dede Spicher left the property she was working at but did not take her car and that she was gone for three hours.  We are also being told that Dede and Terri had 1-1/2 hours where both were unaccounted for at the same time.

I stated yesterday they would come up with yet another story to point towards Terri / Dede's guilt and adjusting it so Dede could be the second adult seen in the truck.

When will law enforcement and the media get a clue???

Yes - Terri and/or Dede may be guilty of something but the more this is becoming a predictable defamation / gaslighting of Terri, it's obvious to me Kaine & company is behind the leaks.  If law enforcement and the media do not see this pattern, they need to take their blinders off and see the entire picture and not just go at this "investigation" with tunnel vision.

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