Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KING 5 / Belo places peoples lives in danger

KING TV 5 (Seattle BELO affiliate) claims to be the number one in news in the Seattle, WA area.  They even have a web page with the school / government / attraction closures in the area due to snow.  The problem is, they do not update it so people are out thinking their destination is open while the location closed due to the snow / icy roads several hours before.


If KING is going to place a list of closures online as a source for people to see if something is open or closed, it is incompetent of them if they do not keep it updated.

One example:

SNOW CLOSURE ADVISORY:  All King County Superior Court facilities will be closed on Tuesday, November 23, 2010.  The Clerk’s Office also will be closed for filing of papers.


King Co. Superior Ct.- Seattle
Government - King Co.
No report at this time.

KOMO (Fisher Communications) on the other hand, only maintains a list of school closures - which they update every ten minutes and they state on the page when the page was updated.


It is better to not have a time sensitive news page if you refuse to keep it updated.  If people relied on KING's web page to make a decision to go somewhere thinking the roads are better in a different area, it can and does place their lives in danger on the icy and dangerous roads.

KING / Belo needs to either remove the school / government / attraction closure web pages they refuse to update or  they need to update them in a timely manner.

1.  KING is in the process of updating their closure web pages after I contacted them.  They should not have had to been told that they needed to update this time sensitive / critical information

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