Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank you, Mae

Dearest Mae,

Thank you for pointing out to me that I (intentionally) misspelled Kristain Horman's first name.  Why is Kristain's name being misspelled so important to you that you had to harass me about it and yet neither you nor any other member of the Kaine Gang has called me out on my calling the foundation started by Kaine & company the Kaine Horman Foundation instead of the Kyron Horman Foundation (something I did intentionally --- several times)  Nobody called me out on it (I expected a huge backlash) yet you called me out and harassed me because of Kristain's name spelling.  Exactly what connection do you have to Kristain and/ or Kaine Horman?  it's obvious there is one because you otherwise would not have harassed me because of Kristain's name misspelling while ignoring the foundation name that I intentionally had wrong several times.

BTW - why are you harassing me because I cannot find a job in this extremely bad economy and mocking me about it?  It shows how very immature and mentally unstable you are - and is a reason people are starting to realize that Kaine is guilty of taking Kyron (birds of a feather ...)  Are you harassing everyone that cannot find work or just those who believe Kaine Horman is guilty of kidnapping and/or killing his son?  The Kaine Gang is showing the entire world that the only defenders of Kaine Horman are as mentally unstable as he is (readers in over 150 countries read this blog)  All you are doing is proving Kaine's immaturity and narcissism (as well as your own) for participating in such cyber bullying / cyber terrorism.  You have proven yourself to be a codependent / sock puppet of Kaine Horman - a rather mentally unstable one at that.
The terms 'codependent', 'enabler', 'follower', 'covert narcissist' 'inverted narcissist' and co-narcissist [as well as Sock Puppet here] are used interchangeably in respect of people who are emotionally dependent on narcissists. Narcissists surround themselves with codependents etc as they tend to work beyond healthy (and sometimes ethical) limits to do whatever the narcissist needs. Narcissists crave power and codependents etc crave security, so they are drawn to one another.

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