Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sex offender Kristian Horman (Kaine Horman's brother) released from jail. Is baby Kiara safe?

Kristian Horman
Kristian Horman, Kaine Horman's brother, was sent to jail in june, 2010 for sexually molesting his girl friend's 15 year old daughter in 2008 (arraigned in 2009, sentenced in june 2010 to six months in jail)

There have been posts online by someone who claims to be Kaine Horman's (boy?) friend that has stated Kiara is living with her grandparents in Shoreline, WA.   Kristian has yet to register as a sex offender at the time of this writing (I believe he has thirty days) although it is logical to assume he will be living in the same Shoreline house with Kiara since who else would allow a registered sex offender to live on their property.

If Kiara is living there and Kristian, a sex offender convicted of molesting a young girl,  is also living there one has to wonder how safe Kiara is living in the same house.  One also has to wonder if Kiara is living there why the courts are allowing Kaine to have custody since it is obviously he does not want her and is just using her as a pawn to force Terri to talk about something she has no knowledge of.

One also wonders if her brother Kyron Horman is stashed there with her in the parental abduction scheme and, if  so, is he safe from his grandfather who molested his uncle Kristian as well as his dad when they were young?

It is way past time Kiara be appointed a Guardian ad litem to protect her and her interests.


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  1. The media could easily confirm if Kiara is still in Portland and who is caring for her, if not by name then relationship (nanny, relative, Kaine's GF). If she is not in the family home in Portland, since so much air and print time has been given to the divorce, the public deserves an update on what is going on so that the Court can be pressured to explain its actions. How many times have we read that Judge's sympathetic statement about Kaine's situation? I don't know if that was stated only in June or reiterated when it was again published a week or so ago. What's going on?


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