Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who am I poll closed - and lessons to be learned

Just for fun, I decided to ask who people think owns this blog: 

Who am I ?

  10 (6%)

Since I was posting (on OL) during the exact time Terri was in court, obviously to those who cared to do the research, I am not Terri.  Also, it would be easy for law enforcement  to subpoena the IP address of where I write this blog from and see that I could in no way possibly be Terri Horman.
  2 (1%)

 If I were DeDe (or Terri), OL would have tracked down my IP address and would have exposed this fact after DeDe was gaslighted and defamed by Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young.  Obviously I am not DeDe or it would have made the tabloids by now.
  4 (2%)

 Nothing I can say would convince people that believe I am Teresa that I am not her.  Only the facts given about our two very different lives show two different people.  Believe what you want.
Kaines brother's ex wife
  7 (4%)

 This is an interesting theory – with no factual basis to it.  Again, she apparently is a school teacher and I claim a very different career and background.  I am not her – but believe what you want.
just 42ndState
  72 (48%)

 Only 48% of the voters got it right. – see the rest of this post for a commentary on the results.
  8 (5%)

  Kaine Horman must have had a falling out with Phyllis if eight people think I'm her (or people have a sense of humor for voting for her)
Carol Gilbaugh
  25 (17%)

 Unless Carol Gilbaugh (AKA Allison Bell, etc.) was voted on as a joke, I have no idea why this person received so many votes (except for the one vote I gave her as a joke).  She is “kainesfriend” in this post:
her OL profile is:
a Sock Puppet
  19 (12%)

Because of the harassment and threats, no amount of money would be enough to pay me to write this blog unless I believe what I write.  I can somewhat understand the votes, but it isn’t true (if it is, I WANT A RAISE!!! :-D )
Votes so far: 147
Poll closed

This poll, while created for fun, shows exactly why Terri Horman is not saying ANYTHING to the media --- I clearly am only 42ndState as I have repeatedly stated (believe what you want)  yet less than 1/2 of the voters got it right (not taking into account the joke votes for Phyllis and/ or Carol Gilbaugh)  Even if Terri did come forward, most people would not believe what she said.  All she needs to do is to tell her attorneys and to do what her attorneys say to do (which is what is happening)

Why should ANYONE give law enforcement ammunition to use against them - especially after telling everything they know over a four week time period?  No amount of questioning can get more information from someone than what they have - unless pressured so much they confess to a crime they did not commit (see: Kaine wants to force Terri to confess, even if though he knows she is innocent  )

There is NOTHING someone can tell the police that will be of benefit to them - you NEED to watch the two videos on this link: MUST WATCH VIDEOS: Why Terri Horman's attorneys told her to keep her mouth shut     

Also - polygraphs can frame you if you are not guilty and can show you are telling the truth even if you committed the crime.  This post shows innocent people can fail polygraphs, guilty people can pass them, and people who cooperate (Obama's nominee choice - an attorney) refuse to take them: Obama's Nominee refuses polygraph; Green River Killer passes polygraph

Only half of the people believe who the owner of this blog is even when told - so why do they think Terri would subject herself to the open ridicule and being called a liar just to satisfy these same people who obviously would not believe anything she said?


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