Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Terri Horman going for custody of Kiara Horman?

It appears that today's court papers filed by Terri Horman's attorneys signal that Terri will be seeking custody of Kiara when the divorce proceedings start in january.  Today's papers show Terri is thinking of Kiara and Kiara's best interest while the court papers filed by Kaine on october 25th show Kaine to be self serving and only thinking about himself in his rant against Terri.  As Terri's attorneys point out, Kaine included information illegal to include in court papers as well as released them to the public to embarrass and humiliate Terri ---which also hurts Kiara.

When the judge considers custody during the divorce hearing, he will go on the REAL evidence - that Kaine will do anything to harm Kiara's mother and psychologically damage Kiara to do so.  The judge will also consider the fact that the court papers filed by Kaine Horman were immediately released to the public by him - which damages his daughter.

Terri's attorneys further state that they have tried and tried to put together a visitation plan so Terri could see Kiara and Kaine refuses to allow it.  The judge will look at this and see Kiara is a pawn of Kaine's and Terri is thinking about what is best for their daughter.

Terri doesn't need to say anything in her defense - all she needs to do is to keep quiet and let Kaine Horman's narcissist rage destroy his credibility with the court - and that matters more when custody and divorce is decided than public opinion does.

I am willing to bet there are many many more pictures of drunk Kaine and his boyfriend sitting out there waiting for the "right" time to release them --- they will probably be entered as evidence in court immediately before they hit the web (where they will live forever)    A drunken father who defames his wife using inflammatory / irrelevant information and that uses his child(ren) as pawns does not get much sympathy from judges.

Kaine needs to tell the investigators where he "stashed" Kyron or where he buried Kyron's body.


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