Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kaine Horman to speak tomorrow

Kaine Horman is going to give a press conference tomorrow (monday 11/15) at 10:30 AM (PST) near Kyron's shrine ("wall of hope")

The question is:  will he use his media sock puppets to yet again defame and gaslight Terri or will he, out of fear of what will come out in a visitation hearing, claim to be "taking the high road" and grant Terri visitation with Kiara? (kind of hard when, if rumors are correct, she is in north Seattle --- he doesn't want her, he just doesn't want Terri to have her and wants to use her as a pawn to get his way) or will he yet again beg for "search money" and"reward fund money" which will not be used for searches or rewards?  ---- or maybe because of the fraudulent fundraisers he will be forced to announce and increase of the reward  and/or announce he spent some of the money for the idiotic Sauvie Island search this weekend?

Because of his malignant narcissism, it is doubtful he will confess to what he did to Kyron.  He will continue to deny his involvement and continue to blame Terri because that is what narcissists do.

If Desiree is not there, it will be revealing since they have not been giving media briefings together since before Desiree gave her infamous "Terri's parents need to give me $350,000. for Kyron's reward fund" speech.  (BTW, what happened to all the money people donated to the reward fund that has not been used to increase the reward???)  Early in the summer I said if this was a real life reality show, someone would be voted out after Terri was.

My guess is because the dateline episode on friday where Terri was not shown to be guilty or a "falling down drunk"  that Kaine will rage against her --- a typical narcissistic rage.  This is his standard reaction to any media coverage that does not show Terri to be guilty (see: Right on cue )


  1. KH is supposed to give his presser today but Deseriee beat him to the punch by going on early morning TV. The two of them are now turning against each other, which I knew would happen. Desiree threw out more of her"she done it" remarks but after all of their mud slinging in the past I have a problem believing anything they say. Either of them, both are exaggerators in the highest form. When this is over I hope Terri sues their asses off.

  2. Hi 42.....Who are Teresa, Phyllis, and Carol Gilbaugh?

  3. Interesting that one of the searches is starting to question motive... Sometime ago one of the fundraiser organizers also said she has changed her opinion about the focus of the investigation.

    I wonder what choices Desiree cannot stand by and support?

    a link, I think you will enjoy....

  4. Hi all,

    I just got home. I'm doing (unpaid) volunteer work to keep my skills current so I will not be able to post much during the day on weekdays (except holidays)

    Teresa is someone who posts in support of Terri on Facebook. Back in july people on OL were asking me if i was her (and I had no clue who they were talking about until recently) I believe she is also INTJ and thinks just like me (scary, huh?)

    Phyllis was discussed in june-july --- she allegedly is someone Kaine was having an affair with and works at intel with him.

    Carol Gilbaugh is "kainesfriend" on OL who I quoted in this post: I cannot believe so many think I'm her --- and those who voted for that choice either do not realize who she is or voted for her as a joke (as I did :D)


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