Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kaine Horman folds. The question is: Is Terri Horman holding a Royal Flush or Ace High ?

Terri Horman got one up on Kaine Horman this week.  After Kaine blasted her with his amateurish court documents filed on october 25th (and immediately released them to the tabloids), Terri's attorneys responded in a highly professional manner.  First impressions count!  When the judge sees Kaine's defamation and illegal content in his court filing, Kaine looks like the jack ass that he is and the judge will see that Kaine is willing to use his child(ren) as pawns in a divorce war.  Then when the judge compares that with the professional filings by Bunch / Houze that shows care and concern for Kiara first, Terri wins first impression.

Now we need to watch for the next (re)action:  either Kaine will rant in yet another narcissistic rage or he will "take the high road" and back peddling - always spinning it to make him look like the good guy.  We will also need to watch to see if Rackner will be censored or disbarred. 

Houze/Bunch played their cards perfectly.  They file for visitation and either Terri gets to see Kiara or Kaine folds and shows his hand full of  ''jokers''.  Now that Houze / Bunch knows how Kaine is going to fight, they will know how to defend against the narcissistic rage of Kaine Horman.

The question is about the hand Terri Horman is holding:  Does Terri hold a Royal flush or an Ace High?  By keeping quiet, Houze/Bunch are not allowing anyone a peek at their hand and they are definitely playing to win.  Kaine may try for a re-deal, but the cards are are already dealt and he folded so it's way too late.  Kaine Horman is a loser.

Now they need to demand that Kaine tell them where Kyron Horman is "stashed" or where his body is.



  1. I still believe that law enforcement is AFRAID to solve this case! Who hired and voted for this peanut team...lame! Something is making them afraid to make a move...anyone want to guess why?

  2. Maybe now the election is over??? although the Kaine Horman Foundation apparently does not expect Kyron to be found until after the divorce proceedings since they are planning a holiday fundraising party and a holiday new years party (to "bring Kyron back" - as if the money they scam from people will bring him back) So far all the money they have collected for "searches" and "rewards" has been spent on bracelets and tee-shirts.

    Kaine Horman is a narcissist and they have ways of controlling people --- the bible said there would be a time when people would rather believe lies than the truth. Too many people fall for a narcissistic and (to them) charismatic leader.

  3. all I can say is: They Were Not On The Ballot This November!

    I'm not entirely sure if LE is intentionally complicit with Kaine's shenanigans or just reluctant to admit they were wrong. I hope that Houze and Bunch will act soon.

    As a resident of this county I want Multnomah County Sheriff's Department investigated for corruption. Don't know how to get this to happen. Is somebody subject to blackmail? Did they accept bribes? Why did they provide investigative information to Kaine? if not, why not speak up?

    There are now two cases: Kyron's disappearance and the Kaine and Terri divorce and custody civil proceeding. Kyron's disappearance is as yet unsolved but MCSO has clearly acted inappropriately and IMHO unlawfully in the divorce action. I want answers!

  4. Sheriff and company may not have been on the ballot - but the shots may have been called from higher up.

    I would not be surprised if Rackner quit Kaine --- she was suppose to have been a good attorney but no attorney - especially an alleged good one - would file the papers she did on behalf of Kaine - either she's in bed with him and his plot or she needs to find another line of work (maybe she want's to be Kiara's full time mommy?)

  5. Most of Kaine's sock puppets that post their harassing comments here do not understand the Horman divorce is separate from Kyron's disappearance - UNLESS KAINE WAS THE ONE THAT "STASHED" HIM.

  6. The Kaine Gang is out in force on Facebook, silencing discussion wherever the pack goes. They believe the divorce proves Terri Did It. They cannot accept that these are two separate matters.

    While I believe that Kaine is entirely capable of disappearing Kyron to suit his plans, I'm not sure that's what happened. I still wonder about a stranger or non family member who took Kyron as a "message" that you can't mess with major crime syndicates without penalty. I don't know what Kaine might be involved in, that Terri knows about, making her vulnerable to self-incrimination. I'm glad my children are grown past PPS age since it is clearly a dangerous place to be.

  7. From someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

    "I just hope that whoever messed with Kyron forgets to look behind them, ONCE, FOREVER."


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