Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonight's Dateline program / Kyron Horman

Not much new on tonight's Dateline episode about Kyron Horman.  They said they would reveal new evidence but nothing in it was new.  The scenes from Sauvie Island were nice and showed a bit of the country.

It would have been nice if they had said how muddy the fields were on june 4 and how anyone would have had a hard time getting very far off the road.

One thing I did notice:  Kaine Horman is at the boiling point and ready to explode in a narcissistic steroid fueled rage.  Anyone that is in his path when he does will get hurt.  His narcissistic supply is gone and he is in a constant rage barely held in check (but not for long).  He is very dangerous.

When the hearing takes place (whether it's january or sometime before) the information about his sexual molestation when he was a child will come out - and so will a lot of other stuff he wants to keep private.  By releasing the documents to the press that he has he will likely get every detail of his private life - including his molestation by his grandfather (and someone else) - released to the public for his child(ren) to read on the internet when they are older.  He can't be releasing all his defamation and libel about Terri and then expect information about him will be kept private.

For Kiara's safety and well being, she needs to be removed from Kaine's custody ASAP so he doesn't rage against her when he explodes - which he is EXTREMELY close to doing.



  1. The only person I have run up against that is as big a Kaine basher as this blog is 42ndState on OL, and Emily Rose/Teresa Kao on FaceBook. I'm not sure but that they are the same person. Too many of Kaine haters do so only for the fun of seeing their name in print. Others only because they mistakenly believe that it was Kaine that has released so many damning documents to the press and public, which has been to the detriment of Terri's spotless reputation. If you want to argue the validity or veracity of the documents then take it up with the Law Enforcement agency involved. The documents were not 'released', they were lawfully obtained by members of the media through the use of legal requests allowed under the Freedom of Information act. Kaine didn't file the documents, his lawyer did.

    In case you didn't notice, Kaine has a son that is apparently missing. I would tend to think that if he is in a 'rage-held-in-check' it is because of that fact, and maybe the attitudes of people such as the writer of this blog which can't seem to understand how a parent would feel (for those that can feel). Obviously, the writer of this blog deep seated sense of inadequacy about themselves, and perhaps harbors a long suppressed fear of his/her own parent(s), especially his/her father.

  2. I knew you would dare post a comment that had a shred of truth in it. So, go play with yourself you narcissistic amoral psychopathic lying sack of camel dung.

  3. My response to Tom LeMaster can be found here:


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