Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Kaine Horman involved in Intel's BDSM sub-culture?

Tonight I had coffee with a friend visiting from overseas who  had worked for Intel in their country and we discussed the Kyron Horman case briefly as well as some bible prophecy stuff (which I'll discuss on another blog in the next couple of days)

This friend said Intel Hillsboro is known to have a widespread BDSM (bondage and discipline dominance and submission sadism and masochism) subculture among the employees.  This friend never met Kaine Horman although did hear stories after Kyron went missing from their friends that still work at intel.

This explains a lot - why Kaine Horman raged against DeDe1, why Terri Horman complained with how controlling he was2 (if that email was by her - see #5), why Kaine ordered his subordinates to not talk to the media3  If Kyron witnessed any of it or - worse yet - was a participant, it explains why Kaine Horman kidnapped him to hide evidence and to retain custody of  Kyron that he was afraid of losing to Desiree4.  It also explains why he raged against Terri after he discovered her complaining about his controlling behavior.5

When Terri Horman was attacked or threatened by the landscaper in december  - likely on Kaine Horman's order6 - he decided to set Terri up and perform the ultimate (so he thought) parental kidnapping (see: Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think ) because he figured it was time to divorce her as he likely always planned7

All of this also explains why Kaine Horman's sock puppets feel threatened by me and by what I have written in this blog and why they are conspiring to commit theft (one penny paypal donations in an attempt to cost me more in fees than the donation amount is one such pitiful threat posted in the un-posted comments of this blog)  and to cyber stalk and harass me - they are likely part of the masonic and/or Intel BDSM sub-culture that they do not want exposed because, if it were made public - there will be quite a few ex-intel employees collecting unemployment in Oregon.

BTW - does anyone know who Doug Klaasend (of Intel) is?
  1.   Kaine Horman's narcissistic rage against DeDe Spicher
  2.   E-mail: Terri accuses Kaine of being overbearing
  3.   Kaine Horman's Intel memo (reference)
  4.   Desiree Horman-Young : manipulated and deceived Sock Pupet or perpetrator ?
  5.   Did Kaine Horman install a keylogger or remote desktop application on Terri Horman's computer(s) ?
  6.  Did Kaine Horman project his guilt onto Terri in the alleged murder for hire plot? 
  7.  Did Kaine Horman always plan on divorcing Terri? 



  1. This BDSM thing at Intel Hillsboro must not be much of a secret if it is known by Intel employees overseas! If Kaine is involved in this, it would explain why the Horman family didn't want to talk to the press when Kyron first went missing, and why since then Kaine has strictly limited who he will talk to and what they can discuss. It would be interesting to know if any members of MCSO share an interest in this particular subculture. That might explain their inappropriate sharing of information with Kaine since they would be sympathetic to the secrets he needs to keep.

  2. All large companies have this sub-culture --- but most do not talk about it openly. There was a msnbc article about a sex club in seattle that was bragging bill gates (microsoft) was supporting them because it is a 501c charity and was receiving matching charity donations from the members employers.

  3. .


    deals with BDSM

    Kaine is so controlling he would be a perfect "Master", Terri is very meek and has no job, that makes her the perfect "Slave". If you look back through the documents we know Kaine was the one that called Dede to set up Terri's birthday party. WHAT IF.... Kaine is a dominant, and has called in other Dominates (Dede) to keep Terri under his control? WHAT IF...Kaine has Kiara to keep Terri in line to do what he wants? WHAT IF...Terri is still being controlled as a "slave".
    This website is full of information of what it like to be a Master or a slave, what to expect, what protocols are, essays by both masters and slaves and much more.
    it lists many portland groups by various kinks, BDSM, BDSM/leather BDSM/Gay etc
    this one is particularly disturbing - Growing "Pains" - Portland - A place for Mommy and Daddy Dom's and little ones to meet and mingle. Parties and munches. Age play group, no minors, 18+

  5. jonesr referred to Terri comparing her to the red mustang on one of his posts a while back.

    Dominates often refer to their submissive as an object, such as a car, as they view the submissive as nothing more than property they a car.

  6. There was a comment by one of the sock puppets (which I did not post because it was pure stupidity) that stated Terri should be grateful for only having to pay for half of her bills. Maybe I should go back and post it - shows the Intel BDSM puppets treating their spouses / others as possessions and not help mates.

    Kaine makes over $120,000. a year and Terri was a stay at home mom with no income taking care of his kids (including Kyron - which Kaine probably demanded child support from Desiree - and the sock puppets thought Terri should pay half the bills on a house / vehicles she does not own??? That post fits right in here with the master / slave BDSM perversion.


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