Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kaine Horman's (boy?)friend Tom LeMaster once again proves Kaine's defenders are mentally unstable codependents (sock puppets)

Tom LeMaster's original comments are now visible on this thread: Tonight's Dateline program / Kyron Horman  so you can see he really did say what I claim he did.

I originally did not post a comment by Tom LeMaster because he, for one, is not the brightest light bulb in the pack.  He could not figure out that I was posting on Oregonlive as 42ndState (something I never hid and, in fact, had stated numerous times -and this blog address is linked from my Oregonlive profile stating I am now posting here - plus he obviously he never read this blog post: ANNOUNCING: 42ndState Rent Raising Fundraiser   and if that isn't enough - the Paypal button on the left side leads to a Paypal page that states it is for a donation to 42ndState - it doesn't take very much intelligence to figure it out!)

He next states "Too many of Kaine haters do so only for the fun of seeing their name in print."  Yet the  posts in this blog have no name associated with them (look for one!) and he is the one commenting on this blog using his name (daring me to post it) to see HIS name in print.

This guy is pure stupid.  Next he went on to say the information "leaked" to the media was legally obtained from the freedom of information act - which 1) does not apply to documents relating to an ongoing criminal investigation 2) Does not apply to divorce documents where minor children are involved and 3) if the media obtained them from law enforcement then why can't Terri's attorneys obtain them in the same way???  Law enforcement would not give out information and then state they cannot comment on the information they gave to the media.  This brainless Sock Puppet may be able to deceive Kaine Horman's subordinate sock puppets, but some people see right through his idiotic lies / explanations to defend his "beloved" Kaine.

LeMaster does not even know if I'm a male or female yet goes on and states I have a fear of my (deceased) father and a "deep seated sense of inadequacy about myself" ???  He is definitely projecting his inadequacies onto others to make himself feel better.  This is very common in group narcissism - especially the group narcisssim of the "Terri is guilty Herd" (see:  The narcissism epidemic, collective narcissism, and the "Terri is guilty" herd mentality )

Tommy then says Kaine's narcissistic rage is normal for those with a missing child.  Of all the missing children in this country, Kaine Horman is one of very few that is about to explode and harm someone close to him.  Kaine Horman is unstable and is a danger to others.  That is not normal under ANY circumstance. 

I didn't post his idiotic and purely stupid comment which proved he never read this blog but now after his harassment and name calling in his second comment, I'll give Kaine's codependent sock puppet the attention he is seeking (and his desire to see his name in print even though it makes him look like an idiot) in order to show that those who support Kaine Horman are mentally unstable and will repeatedly harass and name call those who think Kaine Horman is guilty of kidnapping and/or killing Kyron Horman.

Tom LeMaster said...
The only person I have run up against that is as big a Kaine basher as this blog is 42ndState on OL, and Emily Rose/Teresa Kao on FaceBook. I'm not sure but that they are the same person. Too many of Kaine haters do so only for the fun of seeing their name in print. Others only because they mistakenly believe that it was Kaine that has released so many damning documents to the press and public, which has been to the detriment of Terri's spotless reputation. If you want to argue the validity or veracity of the documents then take it up with the Law Enforcement agency involved. The documents were not 'released', they were lawfully obtained by members of the media through the use of legal requests allowed under the Freedom of Information act. Kaine didn't file the documents, his lawyer did.

In case you didn't notice, Kaine has a son that is apparently missing. I would tend to think that if he is in a 'rage-held-in-check' it is because of that fact, and maybe the attitudes of people such as the writer of this blog which can't seem to understand how a parent would feel (for those that can feel). Obviously, the writer of this blog deep seated sense of inadequacy about themselves, and perhaps harbors a long suppressed fear of his/her own parent(s), especially his/her father.
November 13, 2010 8:19 AM

Why did Kaine Horman's sock puppet state Kaine has a son that is APPARENTLY missing??? Is this a slip up that Kaine has Kyron "stashed" somewhere???

After I didn't post Tommy's first unintelligent and harassing comment, he left this comment in retaliation for not posting it - once again proving all of Kaine's defenders are in need of mental help:

Tom LeMaster said... 
I knew you would dare post a comment that had a shred of truth in it. So, go play with yourself you narcissistic amoral psychopathic lying sack of camel dung.  
November 13, 2010 6:31 PM
I certainly hope law enforcement and/or the courts investigate the mental instability of Kaine Horman and his friends - soon because they are a real danger to Kiara's safety and are likely the ones responsible for Kyron's disappearance and/or murder.

Once again, Tom LeMaster's original comments are now visible on this thread:  Tonight's Dateline program / Kyron Horman


  1. Tom LeMaster posts on Facebook too, obviously part of the Kaine Gang. He recently posted that the reason I "bash" Kaine is that I probably met him at some point and he didn't pay adequate attention to me so I am miffed by that rejection. Unbelievable. If I suspected everyone in the world of a crime that doesn't pay attention to me, there wouldn't be enough days in the year to cover each culprit once! It's a favorite tactic of the Kaine Gang to trivialize everything said that does not accuse Terri. What planet do these people live on?

  2. wow, you are a complete idiot, right, i mean really. tom happens to be one of the nicest human beings i know. and one of the most caring. you on the other hand are a mean spirited hate monger who has way too much time on your hands. i stand for tom and say to you, go spit your hate somewhere else and leave tom out of it. no one care what you say, and anyone dumbenough to send you money deserves your factless rants

  3. This is MY blog. Tommy came here to harass, bully and piss on me - I did not go out and search for him - in fact, I never heard of him before he posted his crap on MY blog.

    Are you that much of a brainless idiot to tell ME to go "spit my hate somewhere else" when this is MY blog and not Tommy's ??? FYI - this ***IS*** "somewhere else" so why did you come here???

  4. My, my! Eric, you can really tell some whopper of a tale. Don't you know it's not good to lie? If I had told lies such as yours my mother would have been ashamed. But then, you have no shame and it doesn't bother you that you can't complete a sentence without injecting a lie. You should really be a fiction writer. I only came to your blog because someone commented about the amateur idiot that was spewing utter nonsense and disgusting lies about Kaine Horman. BTW pissant, I used the word 'apparent' in my post because you didn't have the brainpower to realize that Kaine's son had been kidnapped by your love goddess. You invited responses to your crack-head comments and I answered in an intelligent truthful manner, yet you are unable to handle the truth. As a matter of fact I would not waste my time to harass or bully you. There was NO harassment of you, and I certainly did NOT bully you. Your response to my post constitutes slander and defamation. Continue your shit and you'll see what the legal system thinks of your attempt to bully me. And as far as coming here to piss on you? What a laugh! I wouldn't waste my good piss on the likes of you.

  5. Once again Tom Lemaster shows his mental instability. I will let his posts speak for him.

  6. Wow, this is really great. The escapee from the mental ward is attempting to transfer his own inadequacies onto others. I hope you continue to vent your frustrations. I have heard that writing down your fears and self-doubts in the manner you have chosen is very therapeutic. All that pent up rage must really be hurting you. Go ahead and let is safely out in you blog. I won't interrupt any more. I wouldn't want to interrupt your chain of thought. You might be near a breakthrough in your therapy sessions. I will miss our little sparring sessions, but it is hard to have a battle of the wits against an unarmed person. Good night and good bye my friend.

  7. These are tame. Some are not fit to print --- when I was posting on OL, even they immediately removed some of the worst ones.

    If someone besides Kaine took Kyron (even if Terri did) Kyron would still be missing - not "apparently" missing.

    I fear for the survival of mankind since these are the same lunatics that elected the politicians that got us into the economic mess we are in.


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