Friday, November 12, 2010

Is the Kyron Horman case a masonic kidnapping and/or coverup?

One thing that has not gotten any attention in the (masonic controlled?) media is that the male members of the Horman family are masons and have been for generations.  Kaine's grandfather was the leader of the lodge in Edmonds, WA a few years ago.  Kaine Horman's brother Kristain is also member of that same lodge (Kristain Horman is currently in jail in snohomish County, WA for child molestation)  I have good information that Kaine Horman is also a mason (although, by nature of the mason's secrecy, this has been hard to confirm)

While the masons as a whole may or may not be involved in any illegal activity, because of the nature of the secrecy of the lodge it is a haven for pedophiles, drug rings, and gang activity since the members know the other members will never betray them if they found out anything.

Kristain Horman stated at his arrest that he was molested as a boy by his grandfather - apparently the same grandfather he is a fellow mason with.  Kristain Horman has stated that his brother Kaine was also molested by their grandfather.

My theory about this case (see: My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case ) states that Kaine kidnapped Kyron Horman because it was about to be discovered he was molesting Kyron.  Because of Kaine's money, masonic ties (meaning secrecy and no betrayal by fellow masons) and because many police officers in the Portland area (including Multnomah County Sheriff's department) are masons, this could be the reason why law enforcement has not been investigating Kaine for Kyron's disappearance and may be why they are trying to blame Terri for it.  Because much of the media is mason controlled, this is likely the reason why the media has been trying to blame Terri for Kyron's disappearance and why they have not given Kaine the same scrutiny.  This is because masons stick together and will never betray another mason under penalty of death.

I believe the cyber terrorists / Kaine Gang are fellow masons that are helping their lodge brother Kaine Horman get away with the kidnapping and possible murder of his son Kyron.  They are also helping to get Terri convicted of any crime because Kaine said so.  Because Kaine is from a long line of masons, it would appear that kaine Horman is a high up mason and has a power (higher ranking) over his masonic brethren - besides the narcissistic control he has over them.  While I do not know if the masonic lodge was behind Kyron's disappearance, I find it highly likely the individual masons are behind covering it up and placing blame directly on Terri.

Portland Oregon is known as the child trafficking capital of the United States.  Maybe this is because masons are involved and their fellow masonic brethren in law enforcement is letting them get away with it.  I do know one thing - If this is true then as long as Multnomah County is leading the investigation, Kyron will never be found unless and until it benefits Kaine Horman to reappear him.


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