Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Old News on Alternate-Theories is "Breaking News" on blinky on crime

Last week I posted about how the cell phones that were used in the alleged "sexting" were likely in possession of Kaine Horman or Michael Cook when the "sexting" took place (see: What is behind the alleged Terri Horman sexting messages?  posted on 10/27)

Today blinky on crime is posting the same information as "breaking news bombshell"

Someone also posted they think Kaine must have known about the landscaper.  I VERIFIED that Kaine's nursery owner friends - the ones that held the fraudulent tree sale fundraiser - were buddies with the landscaper that claimed Terri Horman tried to hire him to kill Kaine (see: BREAKING NEWS - Alternate Theories EXCLUSIVE  posted on 9/28)

You also seen it first here: Kaine Horman: Unfit parent  - posted on 10/26 before Terri's attorneys filed papers in response to the infamous Kaine Kourt papers where they stated Kaine was trying to destroy Terri (defame / gaslight like I've said for months)

Now one has to do is hope that law enforcement gets some common sense and starts investigating Kaine, his attorney, and their cohorts.


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