Monday, November 15, 2010

Desiree Horman-Young : manipulated and deceived Sock Pupet or perpetrator ?

I still have not figured out if Desiree Young (Kyron's egg donor) is just a deceived and manipulated Sock Puppet that belongs to Kaine Horman or if she is a co/perpetrator with Kaine Horman (or with Tony Young) to disappear Kyron Horman.  Mostly I believe she is manipulated and that Kaine knows how to push her buttons.

Desiree was afraid that Kaine was going to kidnap Kyron when she filed for divorce.  She was also afraid he was going to kidnap her son from a previous marriage (see: My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case )  And, in the end, Kaine got custody of Kyron and would not let Desiree have him last year when she, by her own words today, tried to get custody of him.
In her interview on Today, Young also said that she tried to get custody of Kyron a year before he disappeared, but Kaine would not allow it.1 
 This is the reason why a (small) part of me thinks she may be behind Kyron's disappearance. Although Desiree seeking custody of Kyron a year ago would also be a major motivation for Kaine Horman to kidnap him like Desiree thought he would do when she was divorcing him in 2002 2

That does not take away from the fact that Kaine Horman is a steroid abusing malignant narcissist that will say or do ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING) to get his own way.  This means lying in court papers that Terri was a falling down drunk and then claiming (in front of Kyron's shrine for emotional impact) that Terri was a "master deceiver".  If she was so drunk and passed out all the time she wasn't on Facebook or playing her online computer game, then when did she plan this great big alleged conspiracy that has alluded law enforcement for six months that Kaine claims she planned?

Kaine Horman is obviously behind the "sexting" messages that were attributed to Terri (see: What is behind the alleged Terri Horman sexting messages?  ) and I would not be surprised if he was behind any "damning" emails attributed to Terri.   Oh, and the Belo media sock puppets are calling these alleged emails "evidence" - it's no wonder Kaine's ignorant sock puppets are so confused - they believe anything Kaine and/or Desiree says is "evidence" just because Kaine's media sock puppets call it that.

Why would law enforcement show Desiree any emails allegedly from Terri that is of no benefit to finding Kyron and would only upset her?   The alleged emails were sent six months ago and law enforcement all of a sudden decided to show them to Desiree??? (I believe if any emails were shown, they were not shown to Kaine because otherwise he would have used them to gaslight and defame Terri even more than he did today)

One would have to ask if the emails exist if Kaine Horman sent them in his planning to set up Terri?  If law enforcement showed any alleged emails to anyone, then once again there needs to be a mass firing of all the investigators and this case needs to be handed over to competent non-mason infested (if there is such a thing) law enforcement outside of Multnomah County.

I would love to see the headers of the alleged emails as well as the mail server logs.  I would also like to know if Kaine was working at home when the alleged emails "by Terri" were sent (if these emails exist)


What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad.
At the time, she had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage [sound familiar?]. In court documents, Young said she feared Kaine Horman would “remove our children from their residence.” It’s unclear whether the couple was living together at the time. Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau granted Young’s request, forbidding either her or Kaine Horman from taking the children without the other’s consent.


  1. Very good points.

    This reminds me of something. Any idea why Wweek has totally dropped coverage of this case? Nothing there since mid August. And they are supposed to be the number 2 newspaper in the entire State of Oregon? Pulitzer Prize Winner and all. This is very puzzling as to why they just totally stopped reporting on this major story. They used to have a Kyron Horman link on the main page. That is gone as well.

  2. They did not think journalists should capitulate (IE: become sock puppets) because Kaine Horman does not like their coverage. Rumor has it, Kaine threw a fit when he thought WW was working on a story about Terri's innocence and WW decided to stop coverage of Kaine's media gaslighting events. In my opinion, WW took the high road and are more reliable in their news coverage than those that continue to be Kaine's "team player" sock puppets (the tabloids) (BTW, does anyone know how many sock puppets to a team?)


  3. I see that, and on one hand I appreciate the high road, but, at the same time I can't help but see the major potential for a story and all, of just ignoring Kaine and reporting on what is going on. Now, of course, LE isn't saying much, however, one would think that they would have sources that would help.

    I think there are 5 socks to a team, not counting the captains who report directly to their head coach, Coach Kaine, who gives them special perks for performance.

    You have on each team, the Wide Receiver, The Home Plate Catcher, Pitcher, Goalie (similiar to the Catcher, but, goes deeper when needed) and Designated Punter. And don't forget the cheerleaders. Totally disorganized and pretty much just anyone who show ups gets to pick up some pom poms.

  4. Maybe because all of the "sources" and "leaks" are from coach Kaine or his sock puppet team?

    Five to a team : two male, two female, and an unknown - plus the captains with perks. sounds about right?

  5. I think so, although I think the sex makeup is a variable.

    Oh - and the "leaks" are the domain of the groundskeeper. He covers all the teams under the direction of Head Coach Kaine. (Sorry I forgot part of his title.)

  6. groundskeeper is the team manager?

    I heard coach Kaine likes to keep males and females segregated when he plays team sports. I think it has to do with a narcissists inner sense of inadequacy and they hates being compared for fear of lacking.

  7. Good point.

    That slipped my mind. Groundskeeper is in charge of the leaking but works under Head Coach Kaine, of course.

  8. Hopefully I'll think of more tomorrow - need to get some sleep to get up early and go to seattle

  9. Good night. I need to call it a day as well. Here in Southern IL it is even later. This was fun. And I suspect we have stuck truth.


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