Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Law enforcement's media briefing

Today's press conference.  Much of this should have been two months ago.  How many people will legitimately remember a certain vehicle in their neighborhood or at a Fred Meyer store this morning let alone two months ago?  Sure, if you know a vehicle you see this morning will be important to remember tonight, you would pay attention to it otherwise you won't remember it.  Why would anyone have paid attention to a white truck the morning of June 4 if it's importance will not be made public until a few days later? (the public did not know anything about the truck until at least the next day) 

They are looking for someone else's car at the skyline School parking lot.  Could it be the red mustang driven by Kaine that day?  Michael Cook's vehicle?  Are they STILL thinking Dede Spicher may be involved and she drove to the school (in which case the time line given by her co-workers will need to be changed yet again) or do they have yet another suspect?  I believe they may be trying to rule out if a certain vehicle that was reportedly seen that day was actually driven by someone else not involved (a look alike vehicle)

Law enforcement did not defame terri or point guilt at her.  Watch for a major new "leak" / (mis)information pointing towards terri's guilt within the next 24 hours (as soon as something is fabricated)  It will likely even contradict something else previously released (par for the course for this story)   This ALWAYS happens when law enforcement and/or media says something that does not point towards Terri's guilt.

Why is law enforcement not using balloon / kite / blimp cameras to aid in their search?   It would not be beneficial in the wooded areas although it would be an immense aid in checking the fields to see what areas the ground crew needs to search further.

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