Friday, November 12, 2010

Kaine Horman's narcissistic rage against DeDe Spicher

The past week I've been going into Seattle almost every day and I've had time to think about Kyron Horman and what happened to him.  What has bothered me is how DeDe Spicher was drawn into the case.  This evening between making dinner and writing blog posts, I re-read a few of the articles regarding DeDe.

It is obvious to me that Kaine Horman was in a narcissistic rage against DeDe and he even threatened to sue her if she "didn't cooperate".  It could be the reason why he scapegoated her and raged against her was because she stayed with Terri (at Terri's parents request) after Kaine took Kiara and moved out after the failed landscaper sting on june 26 --- although this does not seem to be reason enough for Kaine's threats of suing DeDe and claiming she was involved in Kyron's disappearance and blaming her and drawing her into Terri's alleged guilt (other friends of Terri's were there too and Kaine didn't scapegoat them or draw them into Terri's alleged conspiracy plan to disappear Kyron).  Then I read articles that stated Kaine had asked DeDe to help plan Terri's birthday party.  This seemed a little more than odd to me since DeDe and Terri were not that close of friends (according to the articles I read quoting DeDe)

Because of Kaine's past history of affairs with both men and women and cheating on his previous wife when she was eight months pregnant, I started thinking what if Kaine had hit on DeDe or wanted her to be a part of a threesome with him and his boyfriend (or girlfriend) and she rejected him / them?  That would be enough for the malignant narcissist to rage against her and scapegoat her - dragging her into Kyron's disappearance even though he knew she had no part in it to "pay her back" for rejecting him sexually (typical behavior for malignant narcissists)   If this happened and Terri knows about it, it will definitely come out in court in january (if not sooner after Kaine's court filing today)  If this happend, I imagine DeDe has told law enforcement or will if she is ever called to testify in either the divorce hearing or any criminal case that may happen.

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