Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaine Horman's spokesperson - FREE Graphic as part of the 42ndState fundraiser

One of the FREE graphics during the 42ndState rent-raising fundraiser (see: http://alternate-theories.blogspot.com/2010/11/announcing-42ndstate-rent-raising-fund.html )

Featuring the FREE graphic * of Kaine Horman's Sock Puppet :

"  I read Alternate-Theories every day, and so should you! "

* Exclusive rights to this graphic can be purchased for $350,000.00



  1. Evening 42......I am LMBO! (Even though It's not really hilarious.) He could never have been a husband of mine. His "being"(self) would of caught my attention rapidly. At least, I hope so.

  2. Narcissists have a way of making people think that they, the narcissist, are perfect and that their scapegoats are the ones that has caused all of the world's problems.

  3. Why is it so much easier to see in Kaine than in people I have encountered and believed! This is an insidious problem that causes so much self doubt by the rest of us scapegoats.

    I do hope somebody decides to buy the rights!

  4. If someone buys the rights at full asking price, I will donate $100,000. to the Kyron Horman reward fund (and it will really go to increase the reward too!)

    It's easier to see a narcissist from a distance plus many people do not understand NPD and how deceiving and (mind)controlling it is.

  5. $100,000??? Aren't you unemployed? And speaking of psychological disorders...what is your diagnosis? There is something seriously wrong with your thinking.

  6. You are trying to raise money for rent...but offer to donate $100,000 to the reward fund? Lady, you're nuts. Why not get off your butt, stop all the hate posts/blogs and GET A JOB!! WTH is wrong with you?

  7. My response to the phony / mentally ill cpsinvestigator is now posted at:



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