Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kaine Horman's sock puppet calls me an idiot for ***WANTING*** to donate $100,000. to the Kyron Horman reward fund

 Original comments quoted are now posted :

When I do not think the Kaine Gang could get any more stupider, another one posts such idiotic harassing crap - except for the fact that Kyron is still missing, it would be downright hilarious.  I cannot believe these lunatics who come to my blog to harass and bully me - yet by doing so make themselves look more of an idiot.

I was joking with someone in the comments in one of the posts (See:  Kaine Horman's spokesperson - FREE Graphic as part of the 42ndState fundraiser )  I stated I would donate $100,000. to the Kyron Horman reward fund if someone gave me $350,000. for the exclusive rights to the Kaine Horman sock puppet graphic.  While this part is very serious - I would gladly donate that much if I had it - but only an IDIOT (one of Kaine Horman's sock puppets) would think that anyone would pay me $350,000. for exclusive rights to a web graphic that I am giving away for free and was obviously stated as a joke --- although if someone did give me that much for it, I would gladly give $100,000. to the Kyron Horman reward fund (which, BTW, is $100,000. more than Kaine Horman has donated to it)

This idiotic and brainless sock puppet uses my joking statement - joking because I am 100% sure nobody will buy that graphic for that much (or, actually, any amount - it was a joke)  to harass me for being unemployed because I am blogging about his beloved Kaine Horman.  Why do Kaine's sock puppets keep throwing my unemployment in my face? Do they not know that unemployment is high because there are too few jobs in this bad economy???  Or are they are pissed off I have a paypal button on my blog? (which, BTW, so does the Kaine Horman foundation - and NONE of that money is going to where they claim it is)  To all those who are unemployed in this bad economy:  Kaine Horman's sock puppets are pissing on you too.

This type of juvenile harassment shows the mental instability of Kaine Horman's friends - and birds of a feather flock together - so  I fear for Kiara's safety around Kaine Horman and his defenders.

FYI -  I could live the rest of my life on $250,000. so I would not even miss the $100,000.  --- Just because Kaine Horman and his sock puppets are greedy narcissists that refuse to donate to the Kyron Horman reward fund doesn't make the rest of the world the same as them.

(the sock puppet's original comments 
are now posted )
Blog Owner said...
If someone buys the rights at full asking price [IE: $350,000.00], I will donate $100,000. to the Kyron Horman reward fund (and it will really go to increase the reward too!)   
It's easier to see a narcissist from a distance plus many people do not understand NPD and how deceiving and (mind)controlling it is.
 cpsinvestigator   at 3:34 PM  today  NOW POSTED

$100,000??? Aren't you unemployed? And speaking of psychological disorders...what is your diagnosis? There is something seriously wrong with your thinking.

 cpsinvestigator   at 3:38 PM   today NOW POSTED
You are trying to raise money for rent...but offer to donate $100,000 to the reward fund? Lady, you're nuts. Why not get off your butt,  stop all the hate posts/blogs and GET A JOB!! WTH is wrong with you?
Better grab your free Kaine Horman sock puppet before somebody snaps up the exclusive rights to it for $350,000 ! :-D

What is wrong with these brainless sock puppets - besides being brainwashed and bullies???   Why do the sock puppets come here - to MY blog - and tell me to go elsewhere with my views and opinions and tell me what to do with my time???  It's so incredible, it would be funny except for the fact that Kyron Horman is still missing and may have been killed by his own father.


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