Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaine Horman set up Desiree Horman-Young as well as Terri Horman with Terri's computers that he hacked

Thank you, Danielle

Danielle sent me this - it's something I knew but did not think about when I posted that Kaine likely installed a keylogger or remote desktop application on Terri's computer(s) (see: http://alternate-theories.blogspot.com/2010/11/did-kaine-horman-install-keylogger-or.html )

Here is what Danielle said:
humm.. interesting.. now I am wondering about the email's Desiree
apparently received from Terri - were they from Kaine??
Is that why they were not what Desiree was accustomed to - because they were NOT written by Terri? 
Terri Horman's e-mails to Kyron Horman's mom uncharacteristically brief the day the boy vanished
On the day Kyron Horman vanished from Skyline School, stepmother Terri Moulton Horman exchanged several e-mails with the boy's mom.

But something was amiss.

Terri Horman's e-mail updates on Kyron were brief, to the point, rather than the long, rambling missives that Desiree Young, the boy's mom, was accustomed to getting from her.
If Kaine sent the brief emails to Desiree, it would mean he was pulling out all stops in a well planned parental kidnapping.  Read:   Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think

Danielle went on to state:
IMO [In My Opinion] - usually it is females that write long, rambling missives - males writings are usually brief and to the point.
The question is: did Kaine "stash" Kyron or did he kill him to hide the evidence of the "unimaginable horror" that he did to him?



  1. I'm coming to the conclusion that Kyron is alive, and has been stashed by Kaine. He is being truthful in insisting Kyron is alive, and Kaine knows where he is and with whom. That's why hc can browbeat Terri on this subject knowing she cannot answer. He has orchestrated this entire scam. I only hope that Desiree wakes up from her trance soon and reveals all that she knows about this man who was her husband. very good observation that these emails are not in Terri's normal style. We also know that Terri wanted Kyron to do to Desiree, which must have infuriated Kaine. If only we knew where Kyron is now and with whoom?

  2. If Kaine did set this situation up, emails from Terri and all, starting well before June 4, he probably had the other parts in place as well. I wonder if LE has looked at his sexual liaisons over the past few months. Just as he had Terri already in place to help with Kyron when he and Desiree divorced, maybe he has someone waiting for him secretly, already taking care of Kyron, to re-constitute the Horman family. If his pattern holds, this woman probably already has a child or children of her own. Why else would Kaine be so certain Kyron is alive and stashed? Only it's not Terri that knows the location but Kaine himself, though Terri probably knows who the Other Woman is, just as Desiree did.

  3. I'm not convinced it's a woman - it may be a guy this time. That's my original theory - although either works.


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