Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Greed Replaces Thanks

I remember growing up everyone looked forward to Thanksgiving as a time of giving thanks to God for all He has blessed us with. Even those who did not believe in God looked forward to it as a time to visit with friends and family and reflect on what they have to be thankful for: Living in a free country, able to worship (or not worship) as one chooses, friends, family, etc.

Now instead of a day of thanks, it has turned to a day of greed: People planning for "black friday" where they stand in line for hours (instead of giving thanks over Thanksgiving Dinner) waiting to push and shove to get what they want. This was gradual: When I was a kid, everyone celebrated with a Thanksgiving dinner with no thoughts about after Thanksgiving shopping.  Then it was planning out the "shopping stratedgy" after dinner. Next it was standing line after dinner.  Now it is standing in line instead of dinner - there are also some narcissists that have camped in front of the Best Buy in Portland, Oregon all week in order to be first in line to get a new laptop computer.

This society has gone down hill with a vengence. It has become the ME generation where people care about themselves with no empathy towards others. There have been people beaten and none of the witnesses helping. In Arizona last year, an elderly man gell in the middle of the road and nobody came to his aid - but several made off with the groceries he was carrying.It used to be when someone was injured or attacked, people would come to their aid.  Now the unfortunate person has to fear of being made a victime twice by those around them.

This country is in stressful times because of the rampant narcissism / lack of empathy towards others. Unfortunately things will get worse, not better and this society will not survive much longer.  Those outside of the United States see this country as self centered, narcissistic, and undeserving of the Blessings we have - and rightfully so.

One thing I'm very thankful for today: Global Warming! because without it, instead of the record 10Fo (-12Co) it would have been 0Fo (-17Co) or colder. :-D

I'm also very thankful my eyes have been opened to see how wicked and evil this nation has become.  God's judgment on America is certainly not far off - and for that, I weep.


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