Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another fraudulent Kyron Horman fundraiser - it's all about the money

Kaine Horman now feels like he needs to get people on his side again and make people feel so very sad for him he is holding another fundraiser "bring Kyron home for the holidays"  Gee - ye think they would be expecting him to "walk in the front door any minute" like they did with school --- Kaine Horman will say and do ANYTHING to gain sympathy (narcissistic supply) - He expected Kyron to walk in the door before school and even had his books and bus pass purchased - because he KNEW his gullible sock puppets would give him the narcissistic supply he desperately needed.  Now after his idiotic and illegal court documents, he will say and do anything to regain his herd of sock puppets - which includes holding a fundraiser weeks from now instead of expecting Kyron to be home before then (and before thanksgiving)

When will they actually use some of the "reward fund" money for the reward???

When will they use some of the "search money" for the searches?

When will they be investigated for fund raising fraud???

This is nothing more than a PR and money raising stunt for another one of his many tree farmer friends.  I wonder if these people know the landscaper who Kaine claims Terri tried to hire to kill him - like his other tree farmer friends do.



  1. I *thought* Halloween was Kyron's favorite holiday...I guess that means Easter is also a favorite holiday, and 4th of July and Labor day, and Veterans day......

  2. I must admit that i'm a bit freaked out by this event. The money will NOT be used for searching for Kyron, if history's pattern holds. It doesn't seem all that appropriate to link Santa to children disappearing. This is another opportunity for Kaine to get free money plus free publicity for the venue because the media will all over itself to promote anthing Kaine, the grieving father, does. It's a fantasy. Bring Kyron home, only that is not at all why they are doing it. Why ARE they doing it?

  3. Whatever gets them the most sympathy (and money) at the time ...

  4. My, my...As much as I want the child found alive and well, I get a bit turned off by the "slogan-ing" or branding of the tragedy. I think that "Bring Kyron Home" slogan rings too much like of a .COM bell.

  5. Well I'll be honest. I never agreed with your theories, however it was always an interesting read. I am an avid Blink on Crime member.

    Yesterday I was blind sided when I found out that the sexts were actually sent to Kaine Hormans cell phone.

    Yes, you read right.
    Kaine Horman is the registered owner of the phone that Terri Hormon was sexting too. He made a big mistake when he used the phone number that Terri was sexting to as a contact number for a court application.

    I'm not really sure where this is going to lead, however that explains why he withdrew his contempt of court motion. The cell phone that took pictures of the sealed court documents was actually registered to him.



  6. Doesn't bother me if you believe them or not. What matters is you are open enough to reading different views and THEORIES. If you don't, you always live in a box and will never change if facts prove what you believed was wrong. I have several different theories --- Kaine stashed Kyron, he killed him, a balloon boy / real life reality show, psychological testing by homeland security --- and even a theory I have not posted yet: A distraction to keep us focused on this case instead of something else (like WWIII about the happen in the Middle East and w/ North Korea) --- or politics or the economy. NOTHING in this case would surprise me when we find out what is going on behind the scenes.

  7. ...selling t-shirts, braclets and buttons...and then the copy reads "Bring your family and have fun..." seriously?


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