Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kaine Horman has time to hang out at a pizza joint all day but no time for court?

Today Kaine Horman is spending the day to raise money for his divorce attorney (oops - for "searches" that are not happening often and when they are they are being funded by the Multanomah County) but last week he claimed in court papers his attorney filed that he does not have time for two court hearings because he is too busy working and wants the hearings consolidated???     This after spending all last friday giving individual media briefings (feeding them different lies) instead of one quick briefing because he had to work???  Seems Kaine Horman has all the time in the world to do things he wants to do but when it comes to having two court hearings, he is "too busy working to support Kiara [his daughter]" and wants the hearings consolidated because he sees that it would benefit Terri and her rights.

And in the mean time in this economy, the pizza joint is profiting off of the increased amount of pizzas they are selling to "fund searches" that are not happening regularly and are already being funded by the taxpayers when they do happen.
It's time the courts, the media, the public, and law enforcement wakes up and sees how Kaine Horman is lying and manipulating them to do what he wants them to do - IE: gaslight, harass, and defame his wife [Terri Horman]

Does anyone really care about finding Kyron?

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