Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Interesting Observation

Of everything said about Terri Horman, her parents are backing her and are supportive of her.  One needs to ask:  Where is Kaine's parents and relatives (besides his brother who is in jail for child molestation) ? and where are Desiree's parents / relatives?   Why have they not shows support of the parents of their missing grandchild?  Why have they not gone in front of the camera and asked the alleged kidnapper(s) to return their grandchild?

There has been little, if any, of Kaine and Desiree claiming they had nothing to do with disappearing Kyron.  It is all assumption because of all the finger pointing, gaslighting, and defamation by Kaine's media sock puppets and blaming Terri.  Desiree stated she blamed Terri when she got the phone call Kyron was missing.  The finger pointing and blaming Terri began IMMEDIATELY.  Is it no wonder she acted the way she did - being blamed immediately for her step-sons disappearance and likely Desiree's third husband ("detective" Tony Young) was intentionally scaring her with what they were going to do to her because Desiree was pointing to her as being guilty.

Why are Kaine and Desiree afraid of giving their interviews live?  afraid they will slip up?  I assume they have demanded edit controls so they can make sure they appear in a good light.  Why do they always have to have everything carefully scripted / written out / read and not give a live interview where they have to immediately answer questions instead of having time to think about what they say?  Are they afraid oprah would have let the audience ask questions and they would slip up about what really happened to Kyron?

Why is there no public demand for the investigation of where the donated "search" money is going???

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