Friday, September 3, 2010

Money laundering and phony fundraisers

Apparently Kaine Horman and his friend at godfather's pizza decided to pad the fundraiser money and claim godfather's had $56,000. in sales (25% to Kaine) yesterday during the "fundraiser" (according to KGW)   Likely KGW got the decimal point wrong or some sort of marital asset money laundering is going on.

No where near that amount of people showed up and it was considered a failure last night.   If KGW is accurate, I wonder if Kaine is siphoning marital assets to his "search fund" in order to pay his attorney?   Just exactly who is going to receive this"search fund" money?   Why did a "search fund" need to be set up after law enforcement was given all the search money they requested from the county???   I hope there is accountability to where this "fundraising" money is going.  Or is Kaine going to get a free pass on this as well?

KGW is reporting Kaine is going to be at the "fundraiser" check presentation today.   So he has time to give media briefings all day last friday, had time to have a pizza party to raise money that is not needed yesterday, and has time today to go to the "fundraiser" check presentation today yet doesn't have time to go to two different court hearings???    I wonder how he is finding time to go to work and pay for his divorce attorney ---- Oh, that's right - he lied to the court and told them he had to work in order to support Kiara and couldn't afford his divorce attorney (now maybe he can with the "fundraiser" money)  I hope the court is paying attention to how he has lied to them and manipulated them for his own benefit.

If I were a parent at skyline school, I would have demanded a briefing by law enforcement - why does anyone think Kaine is credible or had anything to add about the school's safety?  Is he now being considered more credible than law enforcement?

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