Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Multnomah Sheriff hinted at Kaine having molested Kyron

Today's live press conference not much was said until the very end when the sheriff stated people will be surprised and they wish they didn't know what they had found out.  This was the biggest hint about Kaine having molested Kyron as he was molested by his grandfather when he was young.

As I stated a couple of months ago on OL, Kaine likely found out about the doctor's appointment and disappeared Kyron before it could be found out what he was doing to Kyron.  There was also a hidden hint that child pornography may be involved.

Likely they are not saying they cleared Terri because they want Kaine to think they are still targeting her and are waiting for him to slip up and find out what happened to Kyron and, more importantly, where he is.  Some of this will come out in the october court hearing - something Kaine will pre-empt with a bombshell or drop it as "a measure of good faith" (as he spun dropping the other court motion)

Notice  during the "birthday coverage" that Desiree is no longer gaslit or blamed Terri?  As I previously posted here, it is because it could be seen as Kaine violating the restraining order by contacting Terri.

Desiree better wake up and see her former husband is once again abusing and manipulating her - causing her to have another breakdown as he previously did.

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