Friday, September 17, 2010

Desiree's new home based business

The only thing I want to add about the oprah interview is that Desiree has a new home based business: selling tee-shirts, bracelets, and buttons.

With so much money in the "foundation to find Kyron" why are they spending it on bracelets and buttons instead of hiring private detectives to track down Kyron if they believe Terri arranged him to be hidden by her network of spies?  If Terri had disappeared him and get so many people to help, she would have had a concrete unchanging alibi.  She would have even have gotten one of her alleged "co-conspirators" to alibi her.

Are people certain Kiara is in Kaine's custody?  If she was in the custody of CPS, it would be a fact well hidden to the media and the public.  It would explain why Kaine has so much time to take off from work to give media interviews and raise funds to pay for more fund raisers.  It would also explain why he could take off to Chicago with the first wife (or is it his second or third wife? Are you so sure Desiree was his first wife?) without a thought about Kiara.

The only new thing from the oprah interview is that Desiree wants people to buy her products.  It was more of a sales pitch for her business and another media gaslighting event of Terri than concern for their son.

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