Saturday, September 11, 2010

kaine, the spin doctor
"It's an act of good faith on our part," Kaine told KGW. "It shows that we're serious about not wasting the court's time with side issues. We want to get the divorce wrapped up so we can deal the important things and move forward."
Kaine Horman is claiming the reason for dropping the contempt motion is because it is "an act of good faith" on his part.  The truth is, he violated the restraining order and his attorney likely told him he would be held in contempt and not Terri since there is no proof Terri provided the restraining order to Michael Cook (see previous post) while there is proof he was contacting Terri through Desiree's scripted speeches to the media.  The malignant narcissist that he is, he will not allow himself to be shown in a bad light - he even feels so ashamed about having a boyfriend that he hides him in the closet. 

Kaine may be using the fact that spouses are not allowed to testify against each other in a criminal court and the divorce proceedings may be an end run around it  - Kaine has more to hide than Terri and it will be coming out in the abatement hearing in october esspecially about his brother and likely him being molested. when they were children.  If he doesn't want the public to know what he is hiding, he will, without explanation, drop the motion trying to prevent the abatement.  His little ploy into taking a criminal case against Terri into family / divorce court will not work.  Houze is too smart to let him.   It is very likely Houze has had Kaine's entire life investigated and everything Kaine wants hidden will be coming out in family court in october.

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