Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaine Horman's fifth day off from work in the past ten days

Once more Kaine Horman shows he has time for two court hearings and is not as busy as he falsely claimed he is to the court.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, leads a group of volunteers Tuesday, as they took his son's Wall of Hope to a grassy area for reinstallation at the TVF&R station just down the street from Skyline School.
Let's see, since he lied to the court and said he was too busy to go to two court hearings and demanded they be consolidated into one hearing Kaine took a day off from work to give media briefings, another day off from work to throw a pizza party to raise funds for his divorce (oops - he claimed it was to "fund searches for Kyron"), another day off to be presented the check for the fraudulent "fundraiser", another day off to work on Kyron's shrine, and will be taking the day off tomorrow to throw Kyron a birthday party.

Kaine Horman has taken at least five days off from work in the past two weeks - and yet he lied to the court and told them he was way too busy with work and taking care of his daughter that two court appearances would be a hardship for him???  When will people open their eyes and get a clue???

Kaine Horman has found an unlimmited narcissistic supply to feed him - plus found a way to fund his divorce and his mortgage - claiming it is to "find Kyron" and throw yet another "fund raiser"

When will the attorney general investigate his fraudulent fund raising???

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