Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kaine Horman commits fraud, receives $6,000.

The fraudulent "fundraiser" allegedly netted $14,000. for "Kyron searches" yet why did KGW report only $6,000. was given to law enforcement?  Law enforcement stated the money will go into the fund that was set up for searches that had not even been used - so what was the point for a "fundraiser" for SEARCHES if previous donations had not even been used yet?

KGW reported that $8,000. was given to Kaine for his foundation.  The "fundraiser" was stated that it was raising funds for SEARCHES for KYRON and now it is reported 57% of the money is being given to Kaine which he claims will be used to fund fliers and bracelets for families of other missing children.  This is FRAUD.   People were duped into funding Kaine's foundation (and likely money siphoned off to pay for his divorce) 

Once again, law enforcement and the public has been lied to and manipulated by Kaine Horman.  It also appears godfathers pizza is behind this fraud / scam since they stated 25% of the money raised during the fund raiser would be going to searches / investigations for KYRON yet they handed over $8,000. to Kaine Horman to use however he wishes - including purposes not stated in the fundraiser event.  Does godfather pizza know they have been duped into raising money for Kaine's divorce???

Nobody is paying attention.  Kaine Horman is getting a free pass in whatever he says or does - including committing fraud.

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