Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaine and Desiree: It's all about them

Once again, instead of being "about Kyron" the newest media event, "Lost but not forgotten" which aired on KGW and then NWCN tonight was not about Kyron or his search, it was about Terri and how she has to be guilty because Kaine, Desiree, and Tony (Desiree's third husband) voted her guilty.  It was yet another media gaslighting / defamation event with no facts just a bunch of lies and rumors by the malignant narcissist biological father, his angry ex-wife / mother of Kyron, and a vindictive police detective.

The show tonight was in a 30 minute time slot.  20 minutes was about Terri, DeDe, and how they have to be guilty even if there is no facts to prove they are.  Very little was said about kyron.

Kaine and Desiree each had a birthday party where they CELEBRATED.  How can ANYONE celebrate when their child is MISSING?  They are also going to give another "birthday party" for Kyron on sunday - a birthday party that COSTS to get in and is yet another FRAUDULENT "fundraiser" in which they are claiming to raise money for "Kyron searches".  Yet last week, law enforcement stated NONE of the "search money" that people donated had been used and eventually Kaine will decide on how to spend it.  How can they be fraudulently claiming to raise money for searches when it will be siphoned off to pay for something else???  Anyone else who has phony fundraisers are arrested and charged with fraud - so why does Kaine get a free pass for doing the same thing people are arrested for???

This program tonight was a tabloid propaganda film that was created and is being used to manipulate people.  If this is what the Belo properties (NBC affiliate) are becoming, then one best question every "news" story they "report".  hitler created the same types of propaganda films to blame the Jewish people for the world's problems.  Belo and all the oregon media are creating "news" to blame Terri Horman for disappearing Kyron as well as allow Kaine Horman to fraudulently collect donations for phony "searches" from the public.

Wake up people - you are being scammed.

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