Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oregonlive is still Kaine Horman's sock puppet

Thank you, pfigment, for bringing this to my attention and for putting me in contact with Peter Pickle.  Thank you Peter Pickle for sharing this with me.

Yesterday Mr. Pickle was posting on oregonlive about how all of the missing children in Oregon should be featured in the banner menu and side boxes and not just Kyron.  He posted the link to the missing Oregon children page  Oregon State Police Missing Children Clearinghouse

pfigment, an OregonLive regular poster, looked at the missing child page and found a missing Pickle:

Peter Pickle then posted the information about Rachanda's disappearance that can be found on any number of web sites.  Here is the post Mr. Pickle made on Oregonlive - and was IMMEDIATELY removed:
Rachanda Pickle disappeared from her home while watching television while her mother was at work.  Her step father is the prime suspect in her disappearance and is currently in prison for the murder of another young woman who was murdered 12 years before Rachanda disappeared.
Peter Pickle did NOT name the stepfather even though the stepfather is a named suspect and is currently in prison for another unrelated murder.  Yet Oregon Live removed Peter Pickle's post and even posted on the forum that there were posts removed that contained "UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS"   This because of Peter Pickle's post about the UN-NAMED stepfather being the prime suspect in Rachanda Pickle's murder.  Here is what the charleyproject article has about Rachanda's disappearance:
        Pickle was last seen watching television at her family's residence on the Santiam Pass in Sweet Home, Oregon at 10:00 a.m. on July 10, 1990. She has never been heard from again. Her mother was at work at the time of her disappearance. Pickle's stepfather, John Arthur Ackroyd, is the last person known to have seen her. He said he came home during a break from work and asked Pickle if she wanted to accompany him to his job at the Oregon Highway Patrol. She said no and he left. When he returned to the house, Pickle had vanished.

        Foul play is suspected in Pickle's disappearance. Ackroyd is the prime suspect in her case. A photo of him is posted below this case summary. He is currently serving five life sentences in prison for the unrelated murder of Kaye Jean Turner, who was abducted and murdered in 1978. Ackroyd found her body eight months later and was under suspicion in her case for many years, but he wasn't convicted in her death until 1994. He is also a suspect in the deaths of two other young women. Ackroyd has not been charged in connection with Pickle's disappearance, but her family believes he murdered her. Her case remains unsolved.

Here is the post that Oregonlive made after removing Mr. Pickle's post:

 All sorts of topics are allowed on Oregonlive. There have on occasion various members participating in sexual discussions, completely off topic discussions, and some quite offensive discussions but when Peter Pickle posts about Rachanda Pickle's disappearance and says the step father WHO HE DOES NOT EVEN NAME ---(the named police suspect in several other murders and convicted murderer who is still in prison for murder)--- is the suspect his post is immediately deleted.  At the very same time, Oregonlive has allowed all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations against Terri Horman and how she "murdered Kyron", kidnapped him, conspired with others to commit a crime, etc. when she is not even a person of interest let alone a suspect.

What is going on here???  Has Oregonlive sold it's soul for a Kaine Horman interview?   Why is it okay to trash Terri Horman on Oregonlive when she is not even a suspect and it is not okay to state a convicted murderer (without naming him) is the primary suspect in another murder (especially when he is a named suspect by law enforcement) ?

Something fishy is going on at Oregonlive.   You can only post your thoughts and opinions if you think "Terri did it" (whatever "IT" is) and you cannot post anything at all that even hints someone else may be guilty of anything - even a convicted murderer and even if you do not post his name.   Oregonlive has set a new low standard for tabloid journalism.  

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