Sunday, September 5, 2010

godfathers pizza and law enforcement help Kaine Horman commit fraud

 The "fundraiser" held at godfather's pizza last week was advertised to help raise money for Kyron Horman's search and investigation.  Apparently many people bought into the lie and sob story they needed more money to "help find Kyron"  Now the media is reporting NONE of the money people has donated has been used, half of the "fundraiser" money went directly to Kaine Horman, and law enforcement will let Kaine Horman and his first wife Desiree Young decide how to use the previously donated money.

Where is the outrage from people who donated the money to "find Kyron" and now find out it has not been used and obviously has not been needed for any part of the Kyron Horman investigation?

People donated money to help "find Kyron" and now the media is printing what gullible fools they are to have been duped so badly - although many will continue to give their new narcissist leader whatever he wants and would likely give to his defense fund if he is arrested for disappearing Kyron.
It's time to wake up and realize how brain washed people have become in this case.  Obviously law enforcement will never find Kyron except by accident if they continue down Kaine's rabbit trails expecting to find Terri. .

On Friday, Godfather's co-owner Pat Cahill gave an $8,000 check to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for search and rescue efforts. The rest went to Kaine Horman for the newly created Kyron Horman Foundation,

Sgt. Diana Olsen, head of search and rescue at the sheriff's office, said the $8,000 will be added to the Kyron Horman Fund, set up at Bank of America after the 7-year-old disappeared. Before Friday, that account held at least $14,000 in donations from around the country, said a spokesman, Sgt. Travis Gullberg. He said the Bank of America is managing the money and that nothing has been spent.

Olsen said the sheriff's office will let Horman and Young decide how the funds are used. Eventually, the money could go toward helping with other child abduction cases, Gullberg said.

Horman said that once Kyron comes home he wants to use the foundation to help other families pay for fliers and other forms of support when their children disappear, as Kyron did.

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