Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kaine's media sock puppets jumping ship

It finally looks like the media is starting to admit they have foolishly let Kaine Horman lead them down the rabbit trail by claiming Terri was guilty.  KPTV has published an article:  in which they quote former Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto isn stating the current sheriff had made mistakes in the case and should not have focused so much on Terri Horman from the start.  He also stated that forming a task force this late in the game shows they don't have all that much to go on. 

Maybe if they had looked at Kaine and his boyfriend Kyron would have been found by now.  Instead you have Kaine and his sock puppets (media and social media) so duped into thinking everything he has told the media is truthful that they would defend Kaine even if he confessed to murdering Kyron and dumping him.  I can hear them now: "Terri was such a bitch to live with, it drove him to do it - it's all Terri's fault" even if she had nothing whatsoever to do with it and they totally and completely cleared her.  These are the same type of people who fall in love with mass murderers and befriend them when they are in prison.  I would assume by the criminal malignnant narcissists in prison such as Joran Vandersloot [IE: Natalie Holloway] that have women proposing to them in prison, that most of the Kaine supporters are either gullible foolish females who are most likely serial victims of different malignant narcissists or homosexual men / women haters who blame Terri just because she is a woman.

The type of people who support Kaine are so blinded by their malignant narcissist hero, I doubt they would believe the sheriff if he gave a press conference and said Terri was not involved and had been cleared.  They would still blame her because their idol, Kaine, said she was guilty.

  If Teri does something, Kaine's worshipers say that means she is guilty.  If Kaine does the same thing, they say it means he is grieving.  They even make excuses for him "he's a shy and private person"  Yet if that were the case, he would stop defaming and gaslighting Terri and would talk about Kyron and what type of son he was.  He certainly would not have taken his precious time off from work (time he lied to the court and said he did not have because he had to work) to fly to Chicago for a ten minute interview which could have been  accomplished in a video conference.  It was obvious oprah was not impressed with him or his foundation - she didn't even donate any money for it or give the address of the web site.  I bet she had wished she had canceled that interview just like she canceled the fake acid attack story (oprah probably wonders if anyone in the Portland metro area is sane)  

Most people did not think Bethany Storro (the acid story) would do such a thing - not even her parents and close friends.  Yet you have complete strangers defending Kaine and saying he could never do anything to his son in spite of his previous actions and lies.  Kaine came from a family where sexual abuse occurred and Kaine has a history of abusing those he loves.  Malignant narcissists such as Kaine have no empathy towards others - he could easily kill his son and feel no empathy or remorse.  In fact, he could "pass a polygraph with flying colors" even if he is guilty.

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