Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fundraiser a failure - something about to happen

Looks like Kaine Horman's publicity stunt failed and the pizza sales didn't generate the funds to search for Kyron (oops - the taxpayers just  funded the sheriff department searches and the department even told the county council they didn't need all the money they requested)

Exactly what was the money really going to be used for?  The sheriff department is flush with tax dollars for searching.  There are few (if any) active physical searches, and at this point they wouldn't even know where to begin to search / re - search.  The entire pizza party thing was nothing more than to feed Kaine's demand of narcissistic supply.  Now it failed and his narcissistic supply is dropping low, watch the next few days / weeks for yet another gaslighting / defamation of Terri event to take place  --- or maybe some bomb shell announcement.  Kaine will never let a failed pizza party get the best of him.  He will do something soon to "stir the pot" and get the attention he craves while steering the blame on the world's problems to Terri.

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