Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hinky, Blinky, and Winky

Reading on this case I have seen that people fall into two categories regarding the Kyron Horman case:  1) people that believe anything that point towards Terri Horman's guilt and 2) people who think for themselves.

Two of the most popular crime with the "Terri Horman is guilty of all things in spite of the facts" people are blink on crime and the hinky meter.  I cannot believe the fairy tales they publish as fact on these two blogs.  Both claim to have law enforcement sources and had multiple contacts with attorneys (who, conveniently, none wanted to be named) but post the most bizarre and idiotic opinions / theories that would make a thinking person blush in embarrasment that a fellow human being could come up with such idiotic garbage and claim to be credible..

blinky posted the reason why Terri Horman had sheriff deputies escorting her to family court was because Terri was likely "under civil commitment" or was in a mental hospital and had to have a police escort.  Where did this screw ball come up with such a hair brained idea as that?    Never mind Kaine Horman has also had police escort when he appeared in court and sheriff escort is common in high profile cases when there have been threats against the party and the attorney requests protection for their client (in spite of what their mythical attorney sources allegedly claim)

People who follow a narcissist (Kaine Horman in this case) will believe anything that defames the narcissist's scapegoat (Terri Horman) even if it is illogical, not factually based, and makes their malignant narcissist "god" appear virtuous.  They even use phony "law enforcement sources" and make claims of having consulted attorneys and psychologists to make themselves appear to be credible sources and "in the know" where Terri Horman is concerned..  The bible even states people prefer lies and smooth talkers to those who speak the truth.  The Kyron Horman case certainly proves this.

Oh, yes, blinky even threatened to sue anyone who posted their "proprietary conclusion" about why they claimed Terri had a law enforcement escort at the court house.  I guess they think the threat of a lawsuit makes their idiotic theories appear more credible --- or maybe they are afraid Jay Leno is going to steal it for a comedy skit.

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