Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaine and Desiree: It's all about them (pt 2)
Kaine's whining he has no time for court or to search for his son is getting old - especially now he is flying off to chicago to give an interview with oprah.  Instead of being about Kyron, it will once again be about him and how Terri is the reason for the world's problems.

Kaine lied to the court about having no time to go to two court hearings because he claimed he "had to work" to "pay the bills and "take care of Kiara"   Interestingly in the two weeks since had his attorney present those lies in court documents, he has taken off from work at least six days and will take at least a day off to fly to chicago for a gaslighting / defaming Terri event.  In none of the events the media has covered has Kiara been seen.  Not only does Kaine not have time to look for Kyron because he is fraudulently raising money for non-existent searches, it appears he has little time for work and for his daughter.

Can't wait for the christmas without Kyron fundraiser / the media gaslighting special that is sure to occur unless Kaine reappears Kyron before then..

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