Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kaine Horman profitting from Kyron's disappearance

On September 12, missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman will turn eight-years-old and his family, along with volunteers are planning a celebration and a fundraiser on that day.
 So all of portland will be celabrating Kyron's birthday on sunday  (I thought his birthday was this thursday).  There will be yet another "fundraiser" with ALL of the money going to Kaine Horman to use as he wants.  Only one problem - Kyron will not be there to celebrate his birthday.  It has no longer about Kyron (if it ever was) - it is all about Kaine and how much sympathy / money he can dupe from people.  NONE of the money given will help "find Kyron" - NONE has been used to search for Kyron .  Law enforcement said Kaine will get to decide how the money donated to Kyron's search fund will be used and so far that is $22,000. (plus the money given to Kaine directly by the "fundraiser" - another $6,000)

Kaine Horman will continue to profit from his son's disappearance and pretty soon will be living off the money people are foolishly giving to him thinking the more the give the more it "helps find Kyron"

While all the foolish and gullible people are "celebrating" Kyron's birthday, Kyron is still missing.  I bet Kyron wishes people would look for him instead of having a parties and celebrations for him which he won't be at.  If it makes people feel like they are helping Kyron, they will continue to donate money for Kaine's divorce and mortgage in the hopes that somehow the more they give kaine, the quicker Kyron will reappear.

I have never seen people that are not even remotely connected to the case become so brainwashed.  This mass brainwashing / hypnosis / manipulation would be a good psychology thesis.

When will people wake up and see how they are being manipulated and duped into paying for Kaine's divorce?  When will the oregon attorney general investigate Kaine Horman's fund raising fraud?  Will the court realize they have been lied to and Kaine Horman has all the time in the world to attend two court hearings if he can take of 2-3 days a week to have pizza parties, give media briefings, attend birthday parties for a child that will not even be there, and attend school functions at a school where he does not have a child attending?  I guess court is low on his priority list even though he was the one that caused the hearings to take place.

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