Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why do most people care about the beetles in the baby food?

God told us to not eat beetles so the case about the beetles in the baby food would bother me very much if I were feeding it to a child.  Why people who do not care what God says about what we should or should not eat is bothered by it is the question I have.  It seems hypocritical people would be concerned over the beetles in the baby food yet willfully consume beetles in the food they eat.
Many people do not realize many foods intentionally contain beetles - AND it is on the ingredient list. It is a red coloring used in "foods" such as Good & Plenty candy, Skittles candy - as well as other candies,  some yogurts, some juices,  some ice creams and beetles are even in products such as Listerine Tangerine flavored mouth wash.    Note that not all red colored foods use the cochineal beetle to color them.  Red 4 is not cochineal while Natrual red 4 is.  There are also other red food colors that do not come from the cochineal beetle.             

So you've checked the labels and did not see beetles listed --- but do a Google search on cochineal, Crimson Lake, Carmine, Natural Red 4, E120 and C.I. 75470,Crimson Lake, Carmine, Natural Red 4, E120 and C.I. 75470,   The FDA requires all foods in the United States that contain this coloring to include either cochineal or carmine in the ingredients list on the label.  The inclusion of this beetle makes a food non-Kosher.

To a vegetarian, someone who keeps the Rabbinic Kosher dietary laws, or someone like myself who keeps the biblical dietary laws we would be concerned about the beetles in the baby food but why are the people who eat their carmine / cochineal colored candies and drink their carmine / cochineal fruit juices every day so concerned about beetles in their baby's formula?


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