Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's oprah interview

I have not watched the interview yet so I may have more to add after I do.  Quotes are taken from an east coast blogger who had watched the program.  Apparently the hour interview oprah had with the Hormans was trimmed down to less than ten minutes.   I would like to know what was said in the 50 minutes that was not aired more than the part that was aired.

Today the oprah interview showed me that Terri could not be guilty of disappearing Kyron. and shows me that kaine is behind his disappearance.

First there are those who say Terri is stupid and an idiot yet if she is, then how could he have not been found by now and why are so many alleged accomplices continuing to hide him?  Obviusly if Terri was involved, it would have had to be well planned and thought out.  If it had been thought out and planned so thoroughly police have not solved it yet, why did Terri not have a firm alibi rehearsed and never changing?
Kaine: First polygraph results came back and she was very vocal with everyone in the entire house about how it went. How that she failed. And then the actions after that and the discussions that we had trying to understand what happened that day and she would change her story daily, if not more than that. I mean, every time you talked to her it was a little bit different about, 'Oh, here's what happened that day, and you kind of look at her going, 'You know, we have a major crisis here and you don't even have a story that's believable at this point.'
Obviously if Terri could have planned a well orchestrated disappearance which had at least one other person involved (besides Dede IF she was involved) then she would certainly have an air tight alibi that she would have reheased until she had it down without changing it.  We do NOT know if Terri failed any polygraph.  Even if she did, that could be due to the stress of Kyron missing as well as the guilt and blame Desiree was already heaping on her even before she arrived in Portland (Desiree has previously stated she "knew Terri was guilty" when she first got the phone call about Kyron missing)  She may have been told she failed the polygraph to try and get a confession from her because law enforcement thought she might be guilty.  Numerous times law enforcement tells an innocent person they failed to try and get more information.  If Terri knew she lied, she would never have been surprised to be told she failed (and likely would never have let herself to be coerced into taking it in the first place)  Her vocalizing and anger that she was told she failed show me she likely told the truth because if she failed she would not have been surprised and she would have kept quiet about it.  Likewise if desiree and/r Kaine were really told they passed that early on in the investigation is suspect to me.  They could have passed - but law enforcement would not normally tell people that early in the investigation.  Makes me wonder if they really passed or not in spite of what the were allegedly told.
Kaine: She seemed upset about it. But the reaction was more about her and the, I guess we'll call it the inconvenience that the investigation was imposing on her as opposed to the effort to find him.
Kaine and Desiree said Terri was "all about her" and "her inconvenience" yet Kaine "hit the gym" with Terri and was too afraid of getting lost to go out and search for his own son when Terri was arranging to have fliers made and organized her facebook friends in searching.  Where was Kaine's effort to find his son?    Isn't kaine and desiree making it all about them and using their media sock puppets to blame the world's problems on Terri?  Do they really think throwing fraudulent fundraisers and birthday parties for missing Kyron is about Kyron and not about them and a way to gain narcissistic supply?

Once again the entire oprah interview was another gaslight Terri and defame her event and "not about Kyron" as Kaine and Desiree keep saying.  What is Kaine doing to find his son? (media interviews to defame and gaslight Terri do not count)  has he used the fraudulently gained search money to hire a private investigator to find his son or is he using it to throw more fundraisers and bracelets to gain sympathy for him and to galight Terri and turn the world against her even more.

Kaine seems to know Kyron is alive.  He is the one with the motive, money, time to have planned Kyron's disappearance and have his boyfriend spirit him away to california (or elsewhere) and get his alibi down pat - yet he will get away with it as long as he can keep the focus on Terri and steer law enforcement into blaming her.

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