Friday, September 10, 2010

Kaine drops contempt motion against Terri
News tonight (above link) is that Kaine Horman dropped the contempt motion against Terri which he filed because she allegedly violated the sealed restraining order by showing it to his friend Michael Cook (the double agent that he planted there to get information from her)

As I stated in a previous post ( ) Kaine Horman had violated the restraining order.  He / his attorney must have seen this or been contacted by Terri's attorney that his violation of the restraining order would be brought up in court.  Kaine thought it wise to drop the motion against Terri because he would have found guilty of violating the restraining order while there is no proof that Terri violated it (Michael Cook could have photographed Kaine's copy or he could have photographed it while snooping and did not have permission)

I still want to know why the FTC is not investigating the fund raising fraud as they investigate other fraudulent fundraisers.  I also want to know why law enforcement is letting Kaine get away with the fund raising fraud and are siphoning donations they received for SEARCHES FOR KYRON into Kaine Horman's scam foundation after Kaine said the money would be used for fliers, bracelets, and MORE fund raisers.

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