Friday, August 27, 2010

Kaine violates restraining order , states jail awaits Terri unless she "cooperates"

It is obvious that Desiree Young (Kyron's birth mother) is Kaine's sock puppet.  The statement she gave gave on camera was READ (she admitted it) so obviously Kaine approved if he did not write it.   After yesterday's court hearing (which Kaine was "too busy" to show up for) in which Kaine did not get his way, today's individual media briefings (which Kaine apparently had time for) was nothing more than threatening Terri with jail unless "she cooperates" and tells investigators more than she knows.

Restraining orders work both ways.  Both parties are not allowed to contact the other even through a third party (they both have attorneys and communication needs to be through their attorneys)  Desiree stated she was reading a statement - and obviously Kaine had to approve of it.  Desiree is communicating to Terri through the media under direction of Kaine.  Stating Terri is guilty and will be thrown in jail when law enforcement has not even named Terri a person of interest let alone a suspect is nothing more than a gaslighting / defamation.  If law enforcement had evidence that Terri was guilty of anything, she would have been arrested or at least named a suspect by now.  Not naming her a suspect means they do not have enough to keep her in the country if she decided to leave.

Apparently Desiree does not understand if Terri is guilty, she has the right to not self incriminate and will not be locked up for not cooperating  (even though she has cooperated as much as her attorney has told her to)

Desiree "has a problem" with people "putting their needs before his" (referring to Kyron)  Does this mean she is against Kaine pushing the divorce / interfering with the criminal investigation instead of going out searching for her son?  Remember, both her and Kaine said they did not go out and search because they were "afraid of getting lost".  Kaine and Desiree are forcing Terri to defend herself because of all the gaslighting / defamation / and harassing court proceedings and then  Desiree has the nerve to make the statement she has a problem with Terri's actions???   If Terri doesn't know anything more than she has already stated, then the ones that are putting their needs before Kyron's are Kaine and Desiree.

Also the media is reporting Kaine and Desiree are moving Kyron's shrine.  They are not doing it, the school district is.  Likely if they are there for the moving, it will only be for the photo op.

Today's gaslighting event has given Terri's attorney ammunition in separating the two hearings that Kaine demanded be consolidated.   It shows that the divorce hearings need to be put off until after the criminal investigation in Kyron's disappearance has concluded AND it shows Kaine has enough time for two court hearings if he had enough time to give individual media briefings.   Terri doesn't have to do anything to help herself in court - Kaine and Desiree is doing it for her with their media dog-and-pony shows.

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