Friday, December 10, 2010

Was Kyron Horman's disappearance another Balloon Boy, Psychological testing of the herd mentality, or a parental kidnapping by Kaine Horman or Desiree Young?

Once again another news story that contradicts most of what has already been told to the public regarding the Kyron Horman case - including the article posted last week.

Last week's article on Oregonlive (see  /    /    and the original article at OL:   ) Oregonlive also has the new story today although for the sake of less confusion, I'll refer to the newest information as the KGW story and last weeks information as the Oregonlive story.

Last week in the Oregonlive article  "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said investigators must push forward as though the child is still alive."  (While diving for Kyron Horman's body on Sauvie Isalnd) and  They lack any physical evidence of Kyron or physical evidence that links anyone to his disappearance.      Today in the KGW article, law enforcement is asking parents from Skyline School public to alibi 490 people who reported they were at Skyline School on june 4 during the morning when Kyron went missing - whether the people on the list were really there or somewhere else.  They are starting the investigation they should have started six months ago.
The task force assigned to the Kyron Horman investigation has asked the Skyline Elementary School community to help determine who was at the school when the boy disappeared.

The letter included a list of 490 people the task force believed were at the school between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on June 4th, the last day Kyron Horman was seen.

Anyone who noticed any discrepancies on the list was asked to report that information to the task force.
Early on when I was posting on Oregonlive (many of my posts were removed  and that is one of the reasons I started this blog) and repeated in early posts on this blog, I stated Kyron's disappearance could be another, more elaborate, balloon boy hoax or real life reality show1, psychological testing by the government (or another entity)2, or a parental abduction most likely by Kaine Horman (although possibly by Desiree Horman-Young)3

If Kyron Horman's disappearance was neither a balloon boy hoax, real life reality show, or psychological testing, the most logical conclusion is a parental kidnapping by Kaine Horman (see: ) because otherwise he would never sent law enforcement down the path of finding Kyron claiming Terri was at the end of that path.  If this was a stranger or other person who kidnapped Kyron, Kaine would never have defamed and gaslighted Terri Horman and using the media to point his finger at her guilt by claiming he was being given evidence by law enforcement - evidence he claimed existed in numerous court documents in his ongoing divorce proceedings.  I stated back in june on Oregonlive that this would likely turn out to be a parental kidnapping / divorce scheme.

After today's announcement they were starting the investigation at day one, I believe they are admitting the rabbit trail Kaine Horman sent them on was a false trail and they are now going to start the investigation they should have started on june 4 - the day Kyron went missing.  Sheriff Staton said in the Oregonlive article this week(link above) that He was anguished at losing those vital six hours between the time the 7-year-old boy disappeared from Skyline School when he should have been anguished at losing those vital six months of the investigation chasing down rabbit trails with Kaine Horman's promise of finding Terri Horman at the end of them.

My original theory about Kyron Horman's disappearance (after I realized what a malignant narcissist Kaine Horman is)  :  My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case

(not inclusive - there are more articles than these)

1.  Balloon Boy

2. Psychological Testing

3. Parental Abduction (Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman-Young)

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  1. The latest info from MCSO certainly suggests that this is the case. Is it possible that Kaine knew how inexperience MCSO is in this type of crime and that's why the school was chosen for "ground zero"? Or did he assume the whole thing would be figured out more quickly and Kyron located through sheer investigative work. He could have always maintained that he was hiding Kyron from scary Terri, and make the same arguments he has made for divorcing her. It's probably been difficult to know which to terminate: his increasing fame and the growing foundation by disclosing the truth or keep Kyron in hiding and hope that the vast expenditure of money by the county wouldn't be held against him. After all, he was just trying to protect his son.

    Accusing Terri if this was a true kidnapping never made sense. I hope they bring it to a close soon. Will the Terri haters still defend Kaine's actions or continue to sympathize with him as the Wronged Man?


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