Saturday, December 11, 2010

List of 490 people at Skyline school law enforcement interviewed

Here is the letter sent to Skyline School parents followed by the list of names

Skyline Families,

Below you will find a message from the Kyron Horman Investigation Task Force. As part of our ongoing effort to cooperate with law enforcement in this matter, we are forwarding it to you and asking for your cooperation.


Ben Keefer

Members of the Skyline School Community, One of the many tasks that law enforcement has undertaken in the course of the investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman has been to try and determine as definitely as possible the identity of every individual who was on the Skyline School campus at any time between 8:00 am and noon on June 4, 2010. This has proved a more complex endeavor than one might think. Many sources of information have been consulted.

To date, law enforcement has identified 490 people who were present. In order to ensure, as far as is humanly possible, that this is a complete and accurate list, one of the remaining steps we feel is necessary is to share that list with you, the members of the Skyline Community, and ask you to examine it and inform us of:

1. ANY INDIVIDUAL (to include a minor child), other than a Skyline Student, who you have reason to believe was on the campus between 8-12 on June 4 but is not on this list; and
2. ANY INDIVIDUAL who is on the list but who you have reason to believe was not on campus during that time.

We realize that this entails some diminution of the privacy of those on the list. To that end we have removed the names of the Skyline students on our list. Additionally, other minor children are simply referred to as “minor child of ____” and not personally named. To others, we ask your understanding that this is a necessary step in an important criminal investigation and, in any event, would probably occur ultimately through media coverage of court proceedings.

You may respond to this inquiry in one of two ways:
a. Call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office tipline at (503) 261-2847 and leave a voice mail with the following information:
1. Your name
2. That you are calling in response to the “Skyline School project”
3. A contact number where you can be reached
4. Information regarding any individual who should be on or off the list below
b. Send an e-mail to and include the same information listed in items 1-4, above.

Your prompt response to this inquiry will assist law enforcement greatly in completing one of our many tasks. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this list and respond.

- The Kyron Horman Investigation Task Force


Alexander, Bettina Alexander, David Arras, Katrina Azinger, Marianne Bailey, Robert Bauer, Deborah Bautista, Santiago Beavens, Leticia “Tish” Beller, Morgan Benoit, Jennifer Minor child of Jennifer Benoit Bidegain, Ray Biesemeyer, Jill Binam, Laura Blomgren, Kimberly Blomgren, Robert “Zane” Minor child of Zane & Kim Blomgren Boehnen, Melinda Bostick, Jessica Boyd, Leslie Boyd, Luke Brandt-Mecey, Jill Briles, Blake Briles, Jackie Bristol, Aliyih Bristol, Robert Minor child of Robert & Aliyih Bristol Butler, Janci Cabot, Perry Calverley, Jana Camenzind, Amy Camenzind, Tony Casper, Bryan Casper, Jenny Minor child of Bryan & Jenny Casper Castaneda, Nancy Ciccarello, Ron Cole, Linda Coleman, Sherry Coleman, Travis Colvin, Vivian Dacanay, Maria Odelia Dahne, John Delzell, Kristine Delzell, Stewart Dienger, Diana Edington, Rebecca Elbert, Stephen Elfick, Rosaline Feryn, Joni Flynn, Judy Foster, Laura Fravel, Nicole Friedrich, Loran Friedrich, Erena Fuhrer, Steve Fuhrer, Wendy Gardes, Brian Gill, Debbie Gonzalez, Teresa Anna Gottsacker, Patrick Graham, DeAnn Griffith, Jessica “Jet”Gutierrez, April Gutierrez, Jess Hall, Susan Hallett, Carole Hanson, Karen Harrington, Daryl Hart, Mona Hayden, Jim Hayden, Suzanne Hendren, Betzabel “Wendy” Minor child of Wendy Hendren Herman, Wendy Hernandez-Avalos / Solis, Maria Hildula, Leslie Hilsenteger, Joan Hinsley, Kimberly Hinsley, Jared Hobson, Bonnie Holm, Kim Horman, Terri Minor child of Kaine & Terri Horman Imes, Colleen Isenberg, Seth Jackson, Paul Janasik, Becky Minor child of Becky Janasik Jenkins-Law, Rebecca Johnson, Kim Johnson-Koziuk, Kimla Jones, Chris Jones, Natasha Jones, Diane Karnstein, Julie Minor child of Julie Karnstein Kasch, Amy Keefer, Ben Kelley, Kerry Kessinger, Jim Keyser, Amber Kim, Kihwang Kincaid, Jorie Kincaid, Ron Kneedler, Laura Koning, Jill Kotila, Pam Kristin, Timothy Kruger, Sandra Laetsch, Kara Lamb, Kelly Law, Grant Le, Sophia Leis, Heather Leppla, David Leppla, Judy Levinson, Barrie Levy, Lyndsay Lindars, Michelle Lofgran, Jenny Long, Patricia Long, Rex Luethe, Allen Mastin, Paul Mitchell Matos, Debbie Matthews, Debi Matthews, Easter Matthews, Katrina McBeth, Candice McBeth, Raymond “Scott”McClung, Howard McClure, Jen McClure, William Todd Minor child of William & Jen McClure McCormick, Ken McNamara, Kathleen Meade, Erin Meskimen, Debra Meskimen, Janet Miller, Justin Miller, Steven Montgomery-Gardes, Michelle Murvihill, Liz Murvihill, Ronald Ostrander, Greg Peirce, Robert “Bob” Pettingill, Alayna Pflegl, Tina Minor child of Tina Pflegl Phipps, Jill Pierce, Tyson Porter, Kristina Porterfield, Molly Powel, Jinnet Powell, Scott Pryor, Bill Pryor, Julie Reeves, Stacey Reifsteck, Carol Rich, Jennifer Rideout, Shiloh Ritter, Melissa Robinson, Drew Ruppelt, Christian Ruppelt, Michelle Minor child of Christian & Michelle Ruppelt Saks-Webb, Emile Schechter, Tory Minor child of Tory Schechter Schreiber, Nora Minor child of Kathleen Schreiter Schuckmann, Robin Schuler, Denny Schweinfurth, Maggie Scott, Judy Sears, Kristi Selchow, Cathryn Servo, Becki Sherpa, Ang Tsering Sherpa, Pamu Minor child of Ang Tsering & Pamu Sherpa Shurts, Michelle Siegel, Roy Sieler-Hatfield, Elizabeth Silber, Staci Simkins, Paulette Skach, Milly Allen Skoro, Bernice Stensen, Dave Tandy, William Theisen, Terri Thurman, Jackie Thurman, Scott Tickoo, Beauty Minor child of Beauty Tickoo Timmermans, Marga Tjipto, Max Toscano, Jennifer (Nielson) Valeske, Mark Vandenberg, Louis (Butler) Vanko, Kimberlee Vaughan, Harold Vonk, Coert Minor child of Coert Vonk Wells, Lydia Widler, Heather Williams, Jolene Winterowd, Britta Wong, Molly Young, Benton “Skip” Zimmerman, Gina Zinkin, Peter


  1. Who is Kim Horman????? Any relation to Kaine???
    AND why isn't Dave Stenson listed? He has been on my radar as a suspect for a long time??
    To read more about Dave Stenson, the groundskeeper, (7 pages)


    Stenson changed his story. Not only did he change the timeline, he also said in one story he was watching the children who had came outside, but he tells LE he didn't see anything because he was paying attention to cutting the grass. And soon after Kyron disappeared, Stensen went to Mexico.

    Stensen told a reporter earlier in the week that he cut the grass on the soccer field between 7:45 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., and never saw the truck on the road.

    He had to use the gravel access road to get to the soccer field, only he apparently used it before and after that half-hour window of time. (8:15 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.)

    Stensen told investigators that he left Skyline School as late as 8:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., which means he could have missed seeing the Horman truck being in the two spots investigators are interested in, especially since he spent his time and attention at the school mowing the soccer field.

    Investigators say that puts him on the gravel road outside of the critical half-hour window they want to know about . . . . .

  2. This is the way the names were jumbled together. Hard to know if Kim Horman is suppose to be Holm, Kim and Terri Minor child of Kaine & Terri Horman is suppose to be Kiara Minor child of Kaine & Terri Horman ------ Lots of names misspelled, jumbled together, not knowing where the commas are suppose to be, etc. - and this is what they have after six months (including a data entry person who was suppose to verify the names)

    After seeing this mess, it's no wonder they have a cold case after only six months and 1.5 million dollars.

  3. Here's a link for the list with the names listed in one column:

    Something wasn't quite clear about "Minor child of TMH and KH."

    Although KH is listed, it's never been reported that he was there that morning. I understand the point is that the child was present, so why list a parent who was not there?

    We know that "minor child of TMH and KH" is a reference to Kiara. No Skyline students are listed.

    There are several other mentions of "minor child of," followed by BOTH parents names. Was only ONE parent present in those cases as well, although both are listed?

    Why list the other parent at all if he/she wasn't there? I think a pattern such as "TMH and minor child" for all such instances would have been clearer.

    As it stands, it could be viewed as an attempt to verify the presence that morning of EVERY person whose name appears on the list.

  4. In addition the day that Dave Stenson said he mowed, it had been raining heavy rains for over two weeks. Everything was flooded and the soccer fields he said he was mowing the morning of Kyron's disappearance was at the bottom of the hill, and was under water....

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Thursday's latest round of rain pushed Portland to the edge of another rain record. Only ten days into the month, Portland has already totaled the second-rainiest June ever recorded, at 3.83 inches, just shy of the all-time record of 4.03 inches.

    Wet weather records have been falling like the rain since April, and another one fell Wednesday. June 9 was the latest into the calendar year that Portland has failed to reach 80 degrees for the high temperature at least once.

    Read: NWS Special Statement

    On Sunday, 1.48 inches of rain fell in Portland, nearly as much as the city typically received in the entire month of June. Sunday's deluge brought Portland's monthly rain total to 3.09 inches.

    With Sunday's deluge, Portland also surpassed the record for most rain for May and June combined, with 7.83 inches since May 1.

    Many Oregon cities, including Astoria, Salem, Eugene and Portland, had already reached their June monthly rainfall by June 4.

    Rain records have been falling for three months. The wet start to June follows a May that was the third-wettest ever recorded at 4.75 inches of rain. April set a new record with 25 measurable days of rain. Hill noted that, since April 1, 52 out of the 67 days have had measurable rain.

    Friday was expected to start wet before gradual drying, but KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard said summer-like weather would finally arrive this weekend, with highs expected to be in the 80s.

  5. Kaine's name is not on the list - they only mention is name when referring to Kiara because he's the parent of the child at the center of the investigation. The list is fine, not jumbled. It's only jumbled on someone else's bad cut and paste job, not on the original email.

  6. @Doubting Thomas-Apparently you over looked Dave Stenson's name as it IS on the list.
    As to your second post, I was unable to see anywhere in the link you provided that stated the soccer field was under water on June 4th.


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